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Wilfrid Laurier University Lazaridis School of Business & Economics
December 4, 2016
Canadian Excellence


BU461u - Competition Case Analysis and Presentation 0.5

This course is designed to prepare students for successful participation in several high profile, high calibre case competitions. It covers all aspects of case analysis and case presentation including presentation strategies, effective visuals, effective communication, and professional delivery. Students will also learn how to effectively handle question and answer sessions. Students will be prepared to participate in JDCC. Student work will be reviewed and guided by the instructor as well as JDCC alumni. Delivered over two terms, students will need the fall to prepare for competition and will continue refining their skills leading up to the competition which takes place in the winter term.

Prerequisite: Enrolment requires an application and interview process. Selection is competitive based on grades, aptitude and experience.

BU493u - Financial Markets & Security Trading 0.5

This course examines the structure of financial markets, the processes and outcomes of
institutional and individual trading, and securities markets regulation. Discussions include
liquidity provision and demand, information transmission, price discovery, and strategic
trading. Lectures are supplemented with case studies and exercises.

Prerequisite: BU393

BU495q - Business Analytics 0.5

This course introduces techniques from data science, statistics and machine learning to study and analyze large datasets and guide business decisions.

Prerequisite: BU275 or CO250(UW) or CO350(UW) or permission of the instructor

BU497h - Integrated Cases In Accounting  0.5

With a primary focus on course writing techniques, this course is to prepare students to write the Chartered Accountant professional examinations.

Prerequisites: BU387 and BU397
Co-requisite: BU447

BU497j - Taxation 3  0.5

This is the third in a three-course series in Canadian federal income taxation.  The course is designed to introduce to student the more complex issues of Canadian income tax law and to explore tax planning strategies for individuals, corporations, partnerships, joint ventures and trusts. Topics include owner manager compensation strategy, employment, self-employment and personal service business, decision to incorporate a business, integration of corporate and personal income, income-split, anti-avoidance rules, estate planning, corporate reorganizations, business acquisitions and divestitures.

Prerequisites: BU466

BU497k - Management Controls  0.5

Management control systems are designed to motivate managers and employees to attain the organization's strategic goals.  This seminar course explores the processes and techniques of effective management control system design (including performance measurement, incentives and governance structures) in a variety of settings, including not-for-profits and multi-national organizations.  As the capstone course in management accounting, a special focus is taken on the role of accounting in performance measurement and regulations affecting governance structures.

Prerequisites: BU354, BU466, BU467 and BU491

BU498s Laurier LaunchPad  0.5

The course involves conducting detailed analysis and planning to create and launch students proposed businesses (with highly individualized instruction). This includes personal goal setting, concept evaluation and optimization, market research, detailed planning of marketing, operations, structure, cash needs, sources of finance, etc., followed by writing detailed plans for the various areas. 

Prerequisites: BU311 or BU440 or SC340A and/or permission of the instructors.  To enroll in this course, please see Steve Farlow, SBE2218.