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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Arts
October 27, 2016
Canadian Excellence


Faculty of Arts Teaching Scholar Award

The annual Faculty of Arts 'Teaching Scholar Award' recognizes the teaching excellence of our Arts faculty members and affirms the importance of teaching in the Faculty's distinctive mission.

The vital mission of a Faculty of Arts is to engage the next generation in the critical spirit, intellectual and creative attainments, and scholarly methods of our past, as well as new and emerging variations upon those academic traditions. Superb teaching and suberb scholarship are inextricably linked. Demonstrated excellence in emphasizing this connection is the central criterion for determining the recipient.

The Teaching Scholar Award honours a faculty member who integrates explicitly and creatively the professionís twin functions of scholarly research and teaching. The Award accordingly is granted to someone who has made successful efforts to identify and develop the pedagogical means by which this integration can be especially well achieved.

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Faculty of Arts Teaching Scholar Award Recipients

2015: Dr. Kevin Spooner (North American Studies)

2014: Dr. David Smith (History)

2013: Dr. Sara Matthews (Global Studies)

2012: Dr. John W. Schwieter (Languages & Literatures: Spanish & Linguistics)

2011: Dr. Paul Tiessen (English & Film Studies)

2010: Dr. Karljurgen Feuerherm (Archaeology & Classical Studies)

2009: Dr. Lynne Shakinovsky (English & Film Studies)

2008: Dr. George Urbaniak (History)

2007: Dr. Philippa Gates (English & Film Studies)

2006: Dr. Dana Sawchuk (Sociology)

2005: Dr. David Docherty (Political Science)

2004: Dr. Carol Duncan (Religion & Culture)

2003: Dr. Cynthia Comacchio (History)