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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Arts
June 25, 2017
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Policy on Academic Responsibilities

Faculty of Arts
Policy on Academic Responsibilities

The academic dates for the University are set well in advance of the start of each academic
year and are outlined in the Undergraduate Calendar. On or before the first day of class,
each course instructor has a responsibility to inform students of the dates and deadlines
associated with all course components such as lectures, tutorials, labs, tests, assignments,
exams, etc. This information must be provided on the course syllabus but can also be
communicated through e-mail, MyLearningSpace, and/or announcements from instructors.
It is assumed that by enrolling and remaining in a course, students have accepted
responsibility for all course components according to the dates specified in the syllabus
and Undergraduate Calendar.

All this being the case, the Faculty of Arts advises students and instructors that:

1. Involvement in extra-and-co-curricular activities (such as sports practices, Fashion
N Motion, St. Patrick’s Day events, etc.), does not exempt students in any way from their
academic responsibilities.

2. Absence from class due to work, travel, or other reasons does not exempt students
in any way from their academic responsibilities. It is expected that students will schedule
their work and travel plans to fit with their academic responsibilities and not vice versa.

3. Instructors will reasonably accommodate absences due to medical, family or other
emergencies. Unless their instructor has specifically said otherwise, students should
assume that they will need to provide formal documentation from the relevant source
(medical, legal, governmental, etc.) to be considered for such an accommodation.

4. Students who have a conflict between course components (lectures, tutorials,
exams, assignments etc.) and a non-academic event (work, game, travel) must discuss
that conflict with their instructor as soon as the conflict becomes apparent and/or as far in
advance of the exam or assignment deadline as possible.