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December 8, 2016
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Travel and PER Expense Information and Forms for Faculty Members


There are THREE main areas of expense reimbursement that this section covers: 
  • Departmental Travel Funds: Contact your Department Administrative Assistant with questions, and submit your completed claim form to your Department Chair for signature.
  • Professional Expense Reimbursement: Contact Jennifer Schill in the Dean of Arts office with questions, and submit your completed PER Form along with an Expense Reimbursement Form directly to her.
  • Start-up Funds: (Primarily for New Tenure-Track Faculty) Contact Joan Leach, Administrative Manager in the Faculty of Arts to discuss your balances, questions and to submit your expenses. 


General Information 

All foreign currencies must be converted into Canadian Dollars (CAD). Please use the Bank of Canada's Currency Converter and make sure to calculate based on the date  the expense was incurred.

General Guidelines for expenses can be found in the Expense Reimbursement Handbook.

Professional Expense Reimbursement (PER)

Form Available from: Jennifer Schill by e-mail

Submit to: Jennifer Schill, Dean of Arts Office

Questions can be directed to: Jennifer Schill

  • Each receipt must be listed individually: One receipt per line on the PER form.
  • To make filing PER claims easier, a frm_id=1965">CLAIM SUMMARY SHEET is now available.  It allows additional space to enter receipts and automatically calculates your totals. A signed PER form and all original receipts must still accompany the Claim Summary Sheet.
  • All foreign currencies must be converted into Canadian Dollars for each receipt using the exchange rate on the day the item was purchased. For Online Currency Conversion, please use only the Bank of Canada’s currency converter and be sure to input the date of the receipt. If the exchange rate is not done, your entire PER claim will be returned.
  • Original, itemized receipts are required for all claims. Debit/Credit card slips on their own are not acceptable as they are not itemized.
  • Amazon book orders claimed must show "paid amount" or "method of payment" and not just the order total.
  • All airfare requires both the ticket receipt and the boarding passes. All travel related expenses must be accompanied by a completed Travel Expense Form as well as a PER form.
  • Conference registration fees are considered as travel expenses and must be claimed following the conference date. Please attach a conference summary or schedule to your PER and travel expense forms.



    Travel Expense Forms

    (Forms are found below)

    Submit forms to:

    Department Chair (for departmental travel funds)

    Dean of Arts Office (for Professional Expense travel, research, and start-up funds)

    Questions can be directed to: Your Departmental Administrative Assistant, or Jennifer Schill in the Dean's Office


    Travel Advance Form

    • This form should be used only when you are claiming reimbursement BEFORE traveling.
    • Upon your return from your travel, you must fill out a Travel Expense Form to reconcile the claim. Please submit completed forms to your Department if claiming from your Departmental Travel Fund or research grants, or Jennifer Schill in the Dean's Office if claiming from your PER or Joan Leach in the Dean's Office if claiming from your start-up funds.

    Travel Expense Form

    1. This form is used to make all travel claims AFTER your return. 
    2. If you have received a Travel Advance, you must complete and submit this form as soon as you return
    3. Enter all expenses on Page 2 of the form, the totals will transfer onto the front page. 
    4. If you are claiming from multiple funds, please indicate how much is coming from which funds in the top right of the 1st page.


    Cheque Requisitions

    Cheque Requisition Form

    1. This form is primarily used for claims against research and start-up accounts