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January 20, 2017
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Resources for Academic Administrators

Collective Agreements:

Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty Association (WLUFA) Collective Agreement for Full-time Faculty and Professional Librarians 2011-2014

Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty Association (WLUFA) Collective Agreement for Part-time Contract Academic Staff and Part-time Librarians 2010-2013

Wilfrid Laurier University Staff Association (WLUSA) Collective Agreement

PTP In-Class Evaluation of Professional Teaching Faculty:


Form 1:  Pre-observation Notes

Form 2:  Classroom Observation Notes

Form 3:  Classroom Observation - Organization/Analysis of Data

Form 4:  Feedback Form for Discussion with Instructor

Form 5:  Final Report

Manual/Training Presentations:

Appointment and Promotion Committee Training Slides - May 2014

Best Practices in Faculty Hiring Training Slides - August 2012

Conflict & Workplace Culture Training Slides - August 2013

Departmental Tenure and Promotion Committee (DAPC) Manual

Hiring Contract Academic Staff - Part-Time Appointment Committee (PTAC) training - May 2014

Leadership - New Faculty - What we need to do - The First 5 years - August 2013

Medical Leaves and Accommodations Training Slides - August 2012

Mentoring and Teaching Training Slices - August 2013

Role of Chairs and Deans During the Tenure-Track Process Training Slides - August 2013

Work Permit Process for Non-Canadian Faculty -This version is for Deans/Chairs and sets out process, timelines, fees, advice

Useful Resources:

Emeritus Status - Faculty Members and Professional Librarians who retire may wish to retain some formal affiliation with the University.  Following retirement, those wishing to apply for Emeritus Status must do so within six months following the retirement date

Employee Assistance Program - Available for all faculty and staff members

Diversity and Equity Office - Resources and staff available for consultation

Harassment & Discrimination Policy - Additional information can be found on the Office of Dispute Resolution and Support website

Information Technology Services - Support, training, and answers to Frequently Asked Questions for faculty and staff

Office of Educational Development - Fosters and advances a culture that values excellence in teaching and learning

Safety, Health, Environment & Risk Management (SHERM) - Committed to promoting an environmentally responsible, safe, and healthy work environment for all community members

Special Constable Service - Committed to preventing crime, as well as providing education and customer service for students, faculty, staff, and visitors

Useful Resources - Mentoring: