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September 24, 2017
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Faculty & Staff Help Section

This website has been designed to help faculty and staff find what they are looking for. If you have any suggestions or questions, please contact Jennifer Knechtel, x2546,

Benefits Information & Claim Forms

WLU Human Resources Department oversees all benefits for the university. For information on benefits and Claim Forms, please contact Human Resources Benefits Information.

Business Cards

There is a standard Business Card for the School of Business & Economics. Please contact your faculty assistant to order cards.

Contact Information

Please refer to the Faculty/Staff Listing for School of Business & Economics contact information.

Contract Academic Staff (P/T Faculty)

CAS Collective Agreement

CAS Postings Fall 2014


BU 247 B3 – Kevin Bullock

BU 247 B8 – Susan Lade

BU 247 P1 – Keith Whelan

BU 387 E – John Czubak

BU 387 F – Keith Whelan

BU 447 CC – John Czubak

BU 456 A – Lisa Ricci

BU 487 A – Jessica Newman

BU 697u TC – Gregory Clark


BU 353 A – Heather Graham

BU 353 B – Heather Graham


BU 470 A – David Swanston

BU 470 B – Stan Kamzol

BU 492k – Mike Leon

BU 432 A – Monica El Gamal

BU 432 B – Shirley Lichti


BU 208 A – Laura Van Dyke

BU 208 B – Laura Van Dyke

BU 208 C – Laura Van Dyke

BU 288 P1 – Simon Taggar

BU 648 A – Nashifa Carter


BU 205 A – Ramesh Jagannathan

BU 405 A – Dan Georgescu

BU 415 A – Phil Cutter

BU 415 B – Phil Cutter

BU 415 D – Hari Stirbet

BU 435 A – Dan Georgescu 


BU 311 A – Hari Stirbet


CAS Postings Winter 2015

BU 352 B2 - Clarence Borja

BU 362 A1 - Clarence Borja

BU 469 A(01) - Gerry Bes

BU 492h - Glen Drummond

BU 632 A - Chris Trojanowski

BU 208 D - Laura Van Dyke

BU 208 E - Laura Van Dyke

BU 208 F - Laura Van Dyke

BU 464 A - Don Chiro

BU 698q A - Jeffrey Botham

BU 387 L - Justin Mindzak

BU 657 T - Jeff Botham

BU 398 A3 - Mina Rohani-Tabatabai

BU 398 C - Mina Rohani-Tabatabai

BU 421/721 - Cathleen Leitch 

CAS Postings Spring 2015

BU 353 H – Heather Graham

BU 393 M – Hosein Noorian

CAS Positions – Spring 2017

BU111 T1 - Brandon Van Dam

BU121 T1 - Brandon Van Dam

BU127 OC1 - Robert Ducharme

BU231 OC1 - Keith Masterman

BU247 OC1 - Justin Medak

BU247 T - Gregory Clark

BU247 V - Joanna Andrejkow

BU247 X - Gregory Clark

BU283 T1 - Michelle Lennox

BU362 A - Tina Blanchette

BU362 T1 - Tina Blanchette

BU387 T - Robert Thompson

BU395 B2 - Hamidreza Faramarzi

BU395 B4 - Hamidreza Faramarzi

BU395 B5 - Hamidreza Faramarzi

BU395 B6 - Muhammad Shah

BU395 B7 - Hamidreza Faramarzi

BU397 J - Gregory Clark

BU397 K - Allan Benson

BU415 V - Haralambie Stirbet

BU423 H - Dalibor Stancovici

BU445 H - Jane Gravill

BU466 F - Peter Lade

BU466 G - Peter Lade

BU477 H - Keith Whelan

BU477 J - Keith Whelan

BU486 H - Robert Thompson

BU486 J - Kevin Bullock

BU517 CE - Giselle White

BU517 CF - Giselle White

BU517 CG - Giselle White

BU527 CE - Kevin Bullock

BU527 CF - Kevin Bullock

BU527 CG - Kevin Bullock

BU602 A - Brent Barr

BU605 A - Dan Georgescu

BU605 T8P - Dan Georgescu

BU606 T9P - Shadab Qaiser

BU610 D1 - John Beresford

BU617 A - Allan Benson

BU623 A/BU423 J - Dalibor Stancovici

BU625 A - Jane Gravill

BU627 A - Allan Benson

BU637 A - Tracey Weiler

BU645 A - Lynn Gazzola

BU647 A - Stephanie Dietz

BU650 A - Melany Banks

BU651 A - David Atkinson

BU657 A - Tracey Weiler

BU658 A - John Janetos

BU682 A - Heather Galt

BU687 TC - Tracey Weiler

BU691w A - Haralambie Stirbet

BU692e A - Auleen Carson

BU692t A - Brent Barr

BU698a T1 - Janet Varner

BU698a T2 - Janet Varner

BU698n - Haralambie Stirbet

BU711 A - Ginny Santos

BU717 TC - Keith Whelan

BU732 A - Christopher Hewitt

ENTR200 H - Zach Weston

MB300 BR - Melany Banks

MB305 BR - Alan Marshall

MB307 BR - Alan Marshall

MB335 BR - Cathleen Leitch

MB381 BR - Mel Gabriel

Distribution Services

For information on mail, courier, etc. please consult the Distribution Services website.

Exam Schedules

Final Exam Schedules

Expense Claim Forms & Purchase Requisitions

All Expense Claim Forms can be downloaded from the Financial Resources website.

For information regarding financial policies, please consult the Expense Reimbursement Handbook.

For purchases over $500, a Purchasing Requisition is required. For more information on purchasing policies, please consult the Materiel Management Policy.

Full-Time Faculty & Staff Collective Agreements

WLUFA Collective Agreement

WLUSA Collective Agreement

Grading System

Grade Conversion Chart

Hiring Students

Pay Rates and Forms
Consult the Payroll section of this website for pay rates and forms.

Research Assistants
Consult the Research section of this website for information on hiring Research Assistants and pay rates.

Instructional Assistants (IAs) - see separate section on Hiring Instructional Assistants (IAs)

Proctors & Markers - see separate section of Hiring Proctors & Markers

Hiring Instructional Assistants (IAs)

The following applies to all remunerated undergraduate and graduate students employed as Instructional Assistants (IAs) by the Faculties and Brantford Campus of Wilfrid Laurier University. It does not apply when the source of funding is through the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research. Duties of IAs may include acting as markers, proctors, laboratory demonstrators and/or class assistants. Students acting solely as marker or proctors will be identified as IA Markers or IA Proctors.

Positions will be posted for five consecutive working days in each applicable department, on the department webpage and through a link from the Faculty webpage. The posted position description will include all details such as duties, hours of work, and rate of pay. Only if there are no Laurier students who meet the qualifications of the position will a non-Laurier student be considered. Faculty members must be able to strongly demonstrate in writing that they have tried all avenues of trying to hire students from Laurier, Waterloo, Guelph or McMaster (universities with which Laurier has joint programs), and that the people hired are in degree granting programs at the other institutions. A PhD student may be hired if they are ABD (all but dissertation), but they may not be hired if their ABD has lapsed.

The rate of pay per hour shall be uniform across the University. Positions are reviewed annually; the approved percentage increase shall be applied to all IA rates effective May 1 of each year. The amount of pay given in lieu of vacation will be added onto the wage rate. An IA will be remunerated only for hours worked.

At the beginning of each term, supervisors shall meet with their IA(s) for discussion of the work expected, the methods to be used in evaluating the IA’s work, and the scheduling of duties throughout the term. IA duties extend from the date lectures begin until the due date for course marks and may be distributed unevenly over the term. Anticipated significant fluctuations shall be clearly identified at the time of course assignment. The supervisor and IA shall sign a copy of the position description which will be kept on file with the applicable department. A copy will be made for the student upon request. IAs shall identify to the supervisor any academic obligations that may interfere with their duties. If demands of the IA’s duties interfere with a student’s own academic program, he/she should speak with the supervisor. Except in emergencies, IAs shall receive at least one week’s notice of changes in their duties.

A full-time graduate student IA may work an average of 10 hours per week, up to a maximum of 520 hours per twelve-month period. Research towards the graduate thesis is not included in this restriction. Given variations in course requirements, there may be an uneven distribution of work on a week-by-week basis. Some weeks an instructor may require a graduate student IA to work more or less than 10 hours per week because of the scheduling of such course requirements as mid-term exams, term papers, lab reports or final exams.

The maximum number of hours per week may include: attendance at lectures, preparation time, if the IA involves classroom contact time (e.g., tutorial, lab, lecture, seminar); meeting time with the instructor; formal office hours, as required in each individual IA position. Voluntary attendance at professional development workshops or seminars does not count toward the maximum number of hours per week or term.  

Faculty must recognize that students also have course requirements that must be met, and these may be due at about the same time as they are carrying out their IA duties (especially in mid-term or at the end of term). Thus an undergraduate IA will normally work an average of 15 hours per week or less, per term, per IA contract. Any exceptions to this maximum must be agreed to, in writing, by the IA in advance of the week in which the 10- or 15-hour limits are to be exceeded.

Hours not required in one term cannot be carried forward to a subsequent terrm.

Where a dispute arises, the student shall consult with the supervisor in an attempt to resolve the matter. Should this process fail to resolve the dispute, written correspondence on the matter should be addressed to the department Chair by both the supervisor and the student. If these consultations should fail to resolve the dispute a ruling will be sought from the Faculty Dean. In the case of graduate students, the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research will also be consulted.

Students may access further information about various University policies such as health and safety at

Pay Rates for Instructional Assistants (rates dependent upon years of study, no. years experience, necessary training). Note: All rates will have a premium of $.50/hour added if working with hazardous materials:

$19.50/hour when 2nd year undergraduate
$20.60/hour when 3rd year undergraduate
$21.70/hour when 4th year undergraduate
$27.54/hour when MA student or PhD student

Pay rates for students hired to do only marking or proctoring can be found in the section on "Hiring Proctors & Markers".

(Excerpt from VP: Academic website)

Hiring Proctors & Markers

Consult Eileen Morouney in the Undergraduate Business Programs Office (SBE1250),, ext. 2677.

Pay Rates for Proctors:
$13.25/hour - Head Proctor, or equivalent position

Before hiring students for marking, authorization must be obtained from Associate Dean of Business: Academic Programs or Chair of Economics.

Marking only (rates dependent upon necessary academic qualifications):
$16.30/hour when multiple choice/marking guide
$18.50/hour when marking guide with minimal discretionary grading
$21.70/hour when full discretionary grading (graduate students only)

(Some information excerpt from VP: Academic website) 

Parking/Campus Maps


Faculty and Staff can park in "Gold" areas only (see map). Faculty & Staff Parking Areas Map
For a parking permit, you must complete an application form and an Authorization for Payroll Deduction, see links below.

Apply for Faculty/Staff Parking (on-line)

Apply for Faculty/Staff Parking (printable)

Appeal a Parking Ticket


WLU Parking Map for SBE Visitors 

SBE Info Kiosk (A floor-plan of each floor of Peters Bldg. and Schlegel Centre)

For complete campus directions and maps, click here



Please go the Laurier Payroll website for the most up-to-date version of the following forms:

Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Student Authorization to Hire Form

Student Time Sheet (excluding Proctoring, Marking and WLUSA Research Positions)

WLUSA Temporary Position Time Sheet (use for WLUSA Research Positions)

Proctoring and Marking Time Sheet (Green Sheet if obtained from SBE1250) must be completed and submitted to the Undergraduate Business Programs Office (SBE1250).


Current Funding Opportunities

Managing Research Budgets (including pay rates for Research Assistants)

Accounting Guidelines for Research Grants and Contracts

Hiring a Research Assistant

If you are planning to hire a Research Assistant, please be aware that there are applicable HR policies. Please consult the WLUSA Memorandum of Understanding for hiring definitions.

Telephone Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Inter-Office Telephone Directory
To access the inter-office telephone directory, click on the Inter-Office Telephone Directory link above. You will be required to enter your Novell login and password.

Telephone Instructions

Voice-Mail Quick Reference Card.

Textbook Orders

To place textbook orders online, please click here.

If you have any questions, please contact the Bookstore at: