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October 27, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Dean's Honour Roll


To be eligible for the dean's honour roll, students must have achieved a minimum overall GPA of 10.00 (A-) in all courses taken during the year (minimum of 5.0 credits). All departmental requirements must be fulfilled with no failures or substitutions. Students may have a maximum of 1.0 credit obtained by letter of permission. The 'year' in this policy is defined as September 1 to August 31, with the exception of Year 4 graduating Business and Economics students whose 12-month period will be from May 1 - April 30. 

Dean's Honour Roll - 2015-16

Dean's Honour Roll - 2014-15

Dean's Honour Roll - 2013-14

Dean's Honour Roll - 2012-13

Dean's Honour Roll - 2011-12

Dean's Honour Roll - 2010-11

Dean's Honour Roll - 2009-10

Dean's Honour Roll - 2008-09

 In June 2012, a select group of Laurier School of Business & Economics students will graduate with honours. The full list of fourth year students being honoured can be found here.

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