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August 31, 2016
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VocApp - English

If you are looking for ways to improve your vocabulary, download our brand new VocApp on your Android and Apple devices. Created by our graduate student tutor Haydn Lawrence, the VocApp presents a "Word of the Day." You can learn about the origin, pronunciation, and definition of the word, and see how the word is used in a sentence. Here's a sneak peek:


You can download the VocApp via Google Play or iTunes. It's free!

The VocApp is sponsored by the Writing Centre and the Intercultural Development Office.

VocApp  - Spanish

In the fall of 2014, we began a collaboration with Dr. Maria Eugenia de Luna Villalon from the Languages and Literatures Department to develop a Spanish VocApp. The Spanish VocApp provides users with a word a day just as in the English version. Users can learn a word and its meaning as well as view the word used in a sentence. The Spanish VocApp is available on Android and Apple devices and can be downloaded via Google Play or the iTunes store. Here is a sneak peek:


We would like to thank CPAM for providing their input and graphics for our revised English VocApp and our new Spanish VocApp. We would also like to thank the Languages and Literatures Department for funding this project.

Development team:

Dr. Boba Samuels, Writing Centre
Nadine LeGros, Intercultural Development Office
Haydn Lawrence, Writing Centre
Dr. Maria Eugenia de Luna Villalon, Languages and Literatures Department
Biljana Josifova, Languages and Literatures Department
Dr. Jordana Garbati, Writing Centre