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Wilfrid Laurier University Centre for Student Success
August 28, 2016
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ESL Students

We welcome all students to the Writing Centre regardless of their levels of English language proficiency. Our tutors will work with you on issues related to types of writing assignments, standards of university writing, grammar and vocabulary development, and citation techniques.

Our extensive collection of resources provides ESL students with important information about academic writing. All students are welcome to attend our writing workshops and we will also be leading ESL-focused workshops throughout the year so please check back for announcements. The Vocabulary Cafe is held regularly to help students develop their vocabulary skills through engaging reading and writing activities.

ESL students should also check in with Laurier International about upcoming workshops.

English Language Resources (writing, reading, etc.)

John's ESL Community: Information about the English language.

English Language Support at Ryerson University: This web page has links to a variety of websites to assist English language learners.

ESL Gold: Teaching and learning resources for English language learners.

Vocabulary Power: This site helps learners develop their knowledge of vocabulary.

Pronunciation Resources

Rachel's English: This website has a lot of videos to help you understand and practice English pronunciation. You can work through the sounds at your own pace.

English Central: Browse the videos in a range of categories on this website and practice your pronunciation of phrases. Watch video clips from famous speeches and movies, and try to repeat after the presenters.

The Sounds of American English: This website offers a traditional approach to pronunciation practice. Try to follow the diagrams and sample audio clips to increase your understanding of English pronunciation.

BBC Learning English: The BBC has created several videos that offer pronunciation tips for English language learners. The accents you hear will be different than what we have here in Canada, but this site helps viewers understand the phonetic alphabet.

21 Accents: This is an interesting video that shows Amy Walker speaking English in 21 accents.

How to Improve Your English Vocabulary and Speak Better English (article via EXLEnglish)

Pronunciation - Ohio Program of Intensive English: Pronunciation instruction and guidelines.

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab: Speaking and listening instruction, exercises, and quizzes.