Site Accessibility Statement
Wilfrid Laurier University Centre for Student Success
December 3, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Mission & Values

We value:

  • An accessible, supportive, dynamic, community environment where ideas can take shape
  • Learning that is student-centered, engaged, and interactive
  • The crucial connection between critical thinking and writing
  • The principles of academic research, inquiry, and integrity
  • The central role of language in the production of all text forms
  • The academic and institutional traditions of writing

Our guiding principles:

  • The Writing Centre uses a genre-based approach to promote genre awareness among students and faculty. This approach is derived from analysis of professional academic writing, model student writing, and writing theory and research.
  • The Writing Centre recognizes difference and diversity among the various academic disciplines and, more generally, among discourse communities and rhetorical situations. We see the Writing Centre as having expertise on writing, rhetoric, and discourse; but each academic discipline is expert in its own disciplinary discourses and genres.
  • The Writing Centre does not operate as a service for "defective students" but strives to support students in developing understanding of and competency in academic text conventions and language, in partnership with the various disciplines.
  • The Writing Centre program is research based; that is, we use research to inform our work. Pedagogy and research are tied. The notion that teaching and research intertwine is a foundational value of universities.

Read our full mission statement here.