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December 11, 2016
Canadian Excellence


At the Laurier Writing Centre, we are active in both conducting and applying writing research. Our staff are active members of Canadian and international writing, linguistics, and writing centre research communities.

Current research on Writing Across the Curriculum connects student learning with writing, and we have some excellent resources on problem-based writing instruction and assignment design for both longer out-of-class assignments and short in-class assignments. These resources can help connect the learning objectives of a course with goals for research, critical thinking, and writing.

Laurier Writing Centre Research

  • Graves, R., Hyland, T., & Samuels, B. (2010). Undergraduate writing assignments: An analysis of syllabi at one Canadian college. Written Communication, 27(3), 293-317. Available here.

  • We recently completed a study of student and faculty use of our online Assignment Planner.  See the report here:  Samuels, B., Misser, E., and McDonald, K. (in press). Writing Instruction Using an On-line Assignment Planner.  HEQCO.


External Research on Teaching Writing

  • Bunn, M. (2013). Motivation and connection: Teaching reading (and writing) in the composition classroom. College Composition and Communication, 64(3), 496-516. Available here.

Academic Research and Professional Organizations

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