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Wilfrid Laurier University Centre for Student Success
August 30, 2016
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Graduate Students

Individual Writing Consultations

Graduate students who make appointments for individual consultations are seen by a writing professional with a graduate degree or a current Laurier graduate student writing tutor.

Our approach is collaborative: the student shares knowledge about his or her area of expertise, while the writing centre professional offers feedback on rhetorical strategies and academic writing practices.

We have worked with students for a variety of purposes and in a range of genres, including the following:

  • Scholarship/funding proposal
  • Thesis proposal
  • Course assignment
  • Major research paper
  • Thesis
  • Journal article 
  • Conference proposal and paper
  • Application for graduate school
  • General advice about writing: text organization, effective sentence structure, and grammar.
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Scholarship (Grant) Writing Support

Are you writing an OGS, SSHRC, or NSERC research proposal?  We offer a highly-acclaimed series of presentations, the Scholarship Proposal Workshops, to help you write successful scholarship proposals. Plan to attend one and then consider also making an appointment with the graduate writing consultant for personalized feedback on your proposal.  It's hard work preparing a scholarship application - we can help make the proposal less intimidating.

Support for TAs

If you are a TA, we can help you learn about marking, assignment development, or incorporating writing instruction into your tutorials. We can support you in a variety of ways:

  • Show you how to recognize and correctly name common grammar errors so that you can identify them in studentsí papers
  • Give advice about developing effective, engaging assignments that will encourage critical thinking from your students 
  • Recommend handouts and resources that will allow you to teach your students about academic writing
  • Help you find out more about discipline-specific writing conventions in the subject you teach

TAs should also read:

Writing Resources

Graduate students are encouraged to check out our list of recommended writing resources specifically for faculty and graduate students. You can also access all of our handouts and browse our online resources section.

Additional resources that may be of interest are:

You should also visit the Writing Centre, where we have many helpful books on writing in particular disciplines. Some of these resources will be relevant for your own use, and some will be valuable for your students if you are a TA.

Writing Workshops

Graduate students are welcome and encouraged to attend any of the workshops in our Go Go Grammar! workshop series. Many graduate students can benefit from attending these workshops to become conscious of the rhetorical, sentence-level choices available to them as writers. Are you confident enough about your writing?