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Wilfrid Laurier University Centre for Student Success
August 25, 2016
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50-minute appointments for undergraduate students

The key to having a successful consultation at the Writing Centre is booking your appointment early and coming prepared with a copy of your assignment. We encourage you to start your assignment early so that you have time to go through the research and writing process with additional time to spare for some serious revision after your appointment with a writing tutor.

Book an appointment

Please use our online appointment system to book an appointment.  

You are also welcome to book appointments in person.  Our office is in the Dr. Alvin Woods building, Room 1-102, near the entrance off the parking lot on Bricker St.

About appointments

In a typical appointment your tutor will talk to you about your assignment and then take a careful look at your paper before discussing it with you. The feedback you get will be constructive and formative so that you can learn from it. The strategies you learn for writing and revision will help you with other papers you have to write.

During the discussion, your tutor will engage you in a dialogue about your paper and give you a response that helps you understand how an academic reader will react to it. This discussion will focus on the core features of academic writing, such as focus, thesis statement and argument, overall structure, development of ideas at the paragraph level, use and integration of sources, transitions and flow, sentence writing, and grammar.
We will discuss strengths and weaknesses in your paper and also identify and explain specific writing and grammar errors so you can learn to correct your own mistakes. We will not edit your paper for you, but we will teach you to become a better editor of your own writing.