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December 10, 2016
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Assignments, Grading and Extensions

Grading System

The grading system used at Wilfrid Laurier University is as follows:  

Grade Grade Point Conversion Percentage  
 A+  12 90-100
 A  11 85-89
 A-  10 80-84
 B+  9 77-79
 B  8 73-76
 B-  7 70-72
 F  0

The term “Alpha grade” refers to the lettered scheme on the left.  Beginning this academic year, all instructors will be required to submit grades on-line.

Extensions for assignments: FSW Policy

The general expectation within the Faculty is that course work will be completed on time; however, it is acknowledged that circumstances arise where students find themselves unable to complete required course work due to legitimate personal reasons. Thus, the Faculty expects that seeking an extension for course work may be necessary from time to time. The Faculty also points to the fact that responsible use of such extensions is required to make the process work well. Students are responsible for consulting with the instructor when they become aware of problems completing course work. It is the student’s responsibility to complete the course work by the due date, or to apply for extensions prior to the due date when necessary.

If a passing grade is not reported to the FSW Registrar within seven (7) days of the date the extension expires, the incomplete grade may automatically be converted to an F. Therefore, any extension past the deadline for submitting marks must be accompanied by a Petition for Extension to Complete Coursework.

The Faculty of Social Work has a policy on Extensions for the Completion of Course Work. Please note that this policy is under review, and that petitions are now handled by a Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies appeals process.  When granting extensions please bear in mind the final due dates for submission of grades (see Academic Schedule) and allow yourself time to grade an assignment that will be arriving late.

Petitioning of Grades

Although students often have concerns about grades and it is their right to petition, formal petitions are relatively infrequent. The policy and procedures regarding student grade petitions can be found by following the link above to the graduate calendar.

It is recommended that you keep a photocopy of any assignment – with your written comments on it or appended – if you have reason to expect the student may challenge the grade informally or formally.

Teaching Evaluations

As part of the part-time CAS collective agreement (CA 19.1), the University may (and does) conduct evaluations to assess a CAS Member’s teaching performance.  Evaluation forms are distributed to instructors in a sealed envelope about one or two weeks before the end of the term.  The evaluation forms should be distributed by a student, who collects and returns them immediately after class to Zaida Leon. 

The University processes the responses and the results are reported to the Instructor, with copies sent to the Dean and the Office of the Vice-President: Academic.