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June 28, 2017
Canadian Excellence

Researcher Information

  • Office of Research Services - Click on the side menu, departments listing, and forms.

  • Accessing Research Accounts on the Web: This info can be found in the Research Finance Department.  You will need a Banner ID, and this can be obtained by filling out a Banner Account Request Form.  Once the researcher has a Banner access code, they can view their account by logging onto

    • click on Internet Native Banner (INB) for Windows PCs

    • enter ID and Banner password

    • The screen that will provide expenses by account is FGIBDST

    • To view current year, enter 13 beside Fiscal Year

    • Enter Index (research account number)

    • Hit Tab then Cntrl Page Down to view summary of account expenses

    • For more detail, highlight and click the Account (e.g. 620313 for Student Help) to see more details (e.g. dates/vendor/amounts of individual transactions.

    • For assistance, contact Rene Soto, Research Office, at ext 2695.

      Summary of WLU Account Numbers for Research Related Activities