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October 21, 2016
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PhD Course Descriptions: Required Courses

All courses are three hours per week unless noted otherwise.
SK701 Multivariate Analysis for Social Work Research (0.5 )

This course explores advanced correlational statistical analyses and their applications for social work research. Possible topics include various multiple linear regression models, discriminant analysis and path analysis. The course employs computer applications (required for all students).

Prerequisite: SK700 or successful completion of the competency exam.

SK702 Adv.Qualitative & Quantitative Methods in Social Work(0.5)

This course explores a range of qualitative and quantitative social science research methodologies that can be applied to the study of social work issues. Students acquire a critical understanding of the comparative advantages and disadvantages of different methods with reference to selected research problems (required for all students).

SK790 Social Work Thought and Theory Development

This course will explore the development of social work theory and practice within the context of social and political changes since the Enlightenment. Micro level manifestations of ideological and material shifts including modernism, postmodernism, globalization and neo-liberalism will be explored by examining processes like medicalization, technology and moral regulation.

SK791 Epistemology and the Nature of Social Work Knowledge (0.5)

This course is a general introduction to central issues in contemporary epistemology or the nature of knowledge, primarily from a western perspective. The course focuses on some of the central questions of philosophy and is organized around several themes including the justification of knowledge, the nature of empiricism and knowledge as power. A final and critical theme engages with post-colonial discourses in considering the nature of non-European or non-Eurocentric epistemology.

SK805 Applied Qualitative Research Methods (0.5)

Application of qualitative research methods in a self or faculty-developed research project. Students acquire skills in data collection and analyses consistent with the nature of their qualitative investigations.

Prerequisite: SK702

SK893 Comprehensive Examination


SK820 Doctoral Seminar

0.5 Credit

This seminar meets on a weekly basis to provide a forum for PhD students to exchange and present material related to their independent program of scholarship. It is intended to contribute to the development of their comprehensive proposal, comprehensive paper and dissertation research. In order to register for this course, students are required to have an advisor for their Comprehensive Paper.

Additional Course Information

Evaluated on a P (pass)/F (fail) basis

SK 894 Writing for Publication

This course is designed to prepare students to write and publish scholarly articles.  It is composed of reflective elements including: personal writing process, writing habits and impediments to writing.  A second component of the course focuses on practical elements including: determining scope and focus of a manuscript, audience, content and language of  writing, selecting journals, journal expectations and preparing different types of manuscripts (research report, theoretical, policy-related and practice).  Students will learn to edit their own and others’ manuscripts. Issues of authorship and publishing ethics will also be addressed. An outcome of the course is expected to be a manuscript of publishable quality, a list of appropriate target journals and submission of the completed manuscript to the selected journal.  The course will be marked on a Pass/Fail basis.

SK899 PhD Dissertation