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October 23, 2016
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Approval of the Dissertation Advisory Committee

Preliminary Consultation
The comprehensive requirement must be successfully completed before a dissertation topic is approved. However, it is advisable to begin discussing the research topic, even before completing the comprehensive requirement, with anyone whose consultation and advice is thought to be helpful, and to be refining the focus of the dissertation.

Dissertation Advisory Committee

Each Dissertation Advisory Committee (DAC) must consist of four members:

• A Dissertation Advisor (DA), who is a member of the Graduate Faculty of the university and who normally will be a full-time faculty member in the Faculty of Social Work, and

• Two other members who are members of the Graduate Faculty of the university. Normally, these members are from the FSW.

• One member who is external to the FSW. If this person is not a member of the Graduate Faculty of the university, he or she must be nominated by the Associate Dean and approved by the Dean of Graduate Studies as an Associate or Special member of the Graduate Faculty of the university.

After the candidate has completed the requirements for the comprehensive paper, and in consultation with the preferred advisor the student submits the following to the Associate Dean: PhD Program:

•    The names of the proposed committee members,
•    The topic or title of the proposed Dissertation,
•    A brief rationale identifying the expertise that each committee member brings, and the relevance of
the composition of the committee as a whole to the student’s topic.
•    If a proposed member is not a member of the Graduate Faculty, an electronic file of that member’s CV should be included.

The Associate Dean takes this information to the PhD Admissions, Curriculum and Student Affairs Committee for approval. Once the DAC has been approved by this Committee, the student should complete the Committee Membership/Notice of Change form, and submit it to the Associate Dean who sends it to the Dean of Graduate Studies for approval