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July 28, 2016
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Part-Time PhD Program

The part-time PhD Social Work program has been designed for individuals who wish to remain employed while they complete the PhD degree. Students take a maximum of two courses per term. Part-time students will follow the same curriculum as full-time students and attend classes with full-time PhD students. They must, therefore, plan to take courses in the terms in which the courses are currently offered. Criteria for admission to the part-time program are the same as the criteria for the full-time program.  Please note that part-time students are not eligible for the Minimum Guaranteed Funding package or for Ontario Graduate Scholarships, SSHRC or CIHR doctoral awards. See page 9 for more details about the part-time program.

Students accepted into the part-time PhD program must complete a plan of study that is approved by the Associate Dean: PhD program prior to registering for the first term. The curriculum requires that all students take seven required courses and one elective course. The elective course may be completed as a directed studies course. Completion of coursework is followed by the Comprehensive Examination, approval of a Dissertation Proposal and the Dissertation.

Students must register in at least one course in all three terms of each year they are enrolled in the program. If circumstances arise that prevent students from remaining engaged in their academic work (e.g., illness, family emergencies, unexpected financial necessity that University funding cannot ameliorate, or career change), they may petition for inactive status (i.e., a leave of absence from their studies). Normally, inactive status will be approved only once for a maximum of two terms.


Term One (Fall)
Two of:

Term Two (Winter)
SK699 (optional) AND/OR
SK702 must be taken before SK805

Term Three (Spring)

Term Four (Fall)
One of:
SK791 (selection dependent on registration in Term One)

Term Five (Winter)
SK805 (SK702 must be completed before SK805)

Term Six (Spring)
Elective (if not already completed)
If elective has been completed and no other required course is available in this term, the
student may take either SK820 or SK894 as a directed studies course

Term Seven (Fall) class

Terms Eight, Nine, Ten and Eleven (Winter, Spring, Fall, Winter)
SK893 -Comprehensive Examination

Terms Twelve –Twenty-one (30 months, two and a half years)
SK899-PhD Dissertation