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December 9, 2016
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PhD Admissions, Curriculum and Student Affairs Committee Terms of Reference


The committee will consist of three full-time social work faculty members teaching in the PhD program, ensuring representation from both IFG and CPPO concentrations; a social worker with a doctoral degree who is, whenever possible, a current member of the Ontario Association of Social Worker; a doctoral student; the Associate Dean: PhD Program ex officio; and the Dean of the Faculty of Social Work ex officio.


To be elected by the Committee.  Normally the Associate Dean: PhD Program is the Chair of the Committee.

Secretary:  Academic Administrator


1.    PhD Curriculum:

(a)    To monitor and evaluate the doctoral program, including the degree requirements, and to make appropriate recommendations for program improvements.

(b)    To advise the Dean and individual students regarding program requirements including any remedial work required.

2.    PhD Admissions:  

(a)    To formulate admission policy, procedures and requirements.

(b)    To make admissions decisions on individual candidates for the doctoral program.

3.    PhD Student Affairs:

(a)    To serve as an Advisory Committee to the Dean as required when issues concerning PhD scholarships and awards arise for which the Dean wishes to seek advice.

(b)    To deal with any PhD student academic and/or professional issues which may arise.

4.    Annual Report:  To prepare an annual report to the Divisional Council on the work of the Committee.

December 10, 2009