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October 26, 2016
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AFS Program Management Committee Terms of Reference

The operational management of the Faculty of Social Work (FSW) Master of Social Work Aboriginal Field of Study (AFS) will be the responsibility of a Program Management Committee (PMC).  Outcomes will be operationalized by the Aboriginal Field of Study Team in all facets of Program Coordination, Program Development and Program Delivery and in accordance with Indigenous worldviews, values and ethics.


The Committee will consist of the Aboriginal Field of Study Team including the Program Coordinator, Faculty, Elder-in-Residence, the Administrative Coordinator (AFS), the Dean of the Faculty of Social Work (ex officio),  a representative from Partner Institution(s), two Aboriginal MSW students (one full time student and one part time student),  two social work faculty members who teach in the MSW program (ex officio), the Vice President Academic (ex officio), the Senior Advisor of Aboriginal Initiatives (ex officio), Administrative Manager (ex officio), and the Associate Dean: MSW Program (ex officio). 

Invitations for participation from community will depend on AFS program needs.

Circle Facilitator:

To be designated each time the Committee meets. Meetings will be conducted using a traditional circle process and consensual decision-making approach.


The MSW Aboriginal Field of Study Administrative Coordinator will be the designated support staff for the Committee and will record, distribute, and file the minutes of each meeting.  Agenda items will be forwarded to the Administrative Coordinator one week prior to meetings.

Frequency of Meetings:

The Program Management Committee shall meet once in the Fall and once in the Spring.  If additional meetings are deemed necessary, they may proceed via tele-conferencing.


1. Curriculum:
(a) To act in an advisory capacity to the Dean in regard to the interpretation of approved academic regulations and procedures for the MSW Aboriginal Field of Study, with reference to Accreditation Standards and the WLU Graduate Calendar.

(b) To make recommendations to the Divisional Council concerning any needed improvements in the academic regulations and procedures for the MSW Aboriginal Field of Study.

(c) To review and evaluate the objectives, structure, and content of the curriculum and to make recommendations to Divisional Council for needed improvement or on the development of new modules or courses.

(d) To receive, review, and evaluate recommendations pertaining to the MSW Aboriginal Field of Study from faculty members, students, persons in administrative positions, the community, and Divisional Council.

2. Admissions:
(a) To review and make recommendations about admissions policies of the MSW Aboriginal Field of Study to Divisional Council for any needed changes.

(b) To review the MSW Aboriginal Field of Study admissions procedures and serve in an advisory capacity to the Admissions Coordinator in the interpretation of policy and procedures and any other relevant matters for the MSW Aboriginal Field of Study.

3. Practicum:
To review Aboriginal Field of Study Field Placement polices and make recommendations.

4. Student Affairs:
(a) To generate scholarship ideas for AFS MSW students and to advise the Development Office of areas of need.

(b) To deal with AFS MSW student academic and/or professional issues as needed.

5. Part Time Institutional Partnerships:
a) Foster the development of a high quality part-time AFS MSW program for individuals that are looking to work with First Nation, Metis and Inuit.

b) Provide advice related to student recruitment, curriculum, grading practices, faculty, modes of delivery, student retention issues and program promotion, subject to WLU academic policies and procedures.

c) To oversee and ensure that each party agrees to notify the other in writing if there are any changes in the applicable policies of their respective institutions bearing on the objectives and the terms of the Institutional Partnership Agreements.

6. Annual Report:
To prepare an annual report to the Divisional Council on the work of the Committee.