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October 26, 2016
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Divisional Council Terms of Reference

A.    Functions of the Council

In accordance with Section 15(c) of the Wilfrid Laurier University Act and the Wilfrid Laurier University Senate By-Law number 1, the Divisional Council of the Faculty of Social Work is established to perform the following functions:

1.    Academic policy and planning for the Faculty of Social Work, including long-term objectives, current curriculum and periodic evaluation thereof.

2.    Review of existing policies and procedures concerning admission to the school and formulation of needed improvements in accord with general University policies.

3.    Coordination of student matters of an academic nature in accord with established policies and procedures and the formulation of needed improvements in such policies and procedures.

4.    Forward recommendations re curriculum, admission policy, and other academic matters to Graduate Faculty Council.

5.    Act in an advisory capacity on matters referred to it by the Dean.

Prepared by: FSW Executive and Faculty Affairs Committee November 1988    Approved by: FSW Divisional Council    Date of Approval: October 24, 1984    Document No: 1-15  Supercedes Document 1-14

25 Sept 1985 
25 Feb 1987   
14 December 1988   
22 Mar 1989   
5 May 1993   
22 March 1995   
12 Jun 1996   
11 June 1997   
13 Oct 1999   
24 Oct 2001   
25 May 2005   
19 Oct 2005   
30 Nov 2005   
25 Jan 2006   
24 May 2006   
11 Apr 2007   
14 Feb 2008   
10 Apr 2008   
02 Oct 2008   
11 Dec 2008   
14 Feb 2008   
02 Apr 2009   
11 Jun 2009   
15 Oct 2009   
10 Dec 2009  
10 Feb 2011
23 Sep 2011
19 Jan 2012
29 Mar 2013
20 Sep 2013
23 Oct 2013

B.    Membership

The membership of the Divisional Council will be as follows:

1.    All full-time faculty members of the Faculty of Social Work, including the Dean.  (For purposes of membership, full-time is to be defined as any faculty appointed with a full work load for a time period of six months or longer.)  Full-time faculty will continue as members during sabbatical leaves or other approved leave of absence.

2.    The FSW Programs and Admissions Coordinator ex officio.

3.    The Coordinator: Practicum (FSW) ex officio.

4.    The Coordinator: Professional Development and Alumni Relations ex officio.

5.    (Administrative Coordinator): Aboriginal Field of Study ex officio.

6.    The Administrative Manager ex officio.

7.    Four practicum instructors nominated by the Nominating Committee. These practicum instructors will be encouraged to serve on one standing committee in addition to the Council.

8.    Seven students in the Faculty of Social Work, three MSW, three BSW and one PhD, all of whom will be nominated by the student body of the Faculty of Social Work.  At least one student should be from the MSW Aboriginal Field of Study.

9.    One official representative of the local branch of the OASW, preferably not a full-time faculty member, to be designated by the OASW.

10.    One alumnus of the Faculty of Social Work.

11.    The Registrar or designate in a non-voting role.

12.    Two CAS representatives elected by CAS members.

13.    The FSW Librarian ex officio.

C.    Officers

1.    The officer of the Council will be the Chairperson, who is the Dean, and the Secretary, who is the Senior Administrative Assistant (Faculty of Social Work).

2.    The Secretary will record the proceedings of the Council and give due notice of all meetings of the Council.  The Secretary will carefully preserve all materials not otherwise provided for and will transmit promptly to each member of the Council a copy of the minutes.

D.    Meetings

1.    Meeting Times:  The Council will meet at least four times between September 1 and June 30.  Each year one of these meetings will be designated as the annual meeting.

2.    Special Meetings:  Special meetings may be called by the Chairperson or, on request in writing to the Chairperson, by five members of the Council.  The call for a special meeting will state the nature of the business to be transacted and will be transmitted promptly at least seven days prior to the day appointed for the meeting.  When such a special meeting is called by the Chairperson, the requirement of seven days notice may be waived.

3.    Notice of Meetings:  Notice of all meetings will be transmitted promptly to each member of the Divisional Council at least seven days prior to the date of such meetings, unless this requirement has been waived as in section number 2 above.

4.    Agendas:  An agenda for each Council meeting will be distributed to all members at least seven days prior to scheduled meetings unless this requirement has been waived as in section number 2 above.

5.    Submission of Agenda Items:  A member of Divisional Council or its standing committee who wishes to suggest items for the agenda will submit such items to the Dean in writing at least seven days prior to the date of a meeting.  A non-member of Divisional Council or its Standing Committees who wishes to participate or add agenda items in a meeting must advise the chair or secretary of their intention.

6.    Location of Meetings:  All meetings will be held on the premises of the University unless directed otherwise by the Council.

7.    Respect for Committees' Areas of Jurisdiction:  The Council will take no action on matters that come under the terms of reference of a committee of the Council without giving that committee an adequate opportunity to consider them.

8.    Quorums:  One half of the members of the Council will constitute a quorum.

9.    Open/In Camera Meetings:  Council meetings shall be open except when a majority of members present at a duly constituted meeting vote to meet in camera.

10.    Alternate Representatives:  Each student representative on Divisional Council may select one alternate representative to attend meetings in their absence.

E.    Procedures

Bourinotís Rules of Order will be observed in conducting the business of the Divisional Council of the Faculty of Social Work.

F.    Committees

1.    The Divisional Council of the Faculty of Social Work will have the following standing committees:

(a)    BSW Curriculum, Petitions, Practicum, Admissions and Student Affairs Committee
(b)    Equity Committee.
(c)    MSW Aboriginal Field of Study Committee
(d)    MSW Curriculum, Practicum, Admissions, and Student Affairs Committee
(g)    PhD Admissions, Curriculum & Student Affairs

2.    Determination of Standing Committee Members: Faculty members are assigned to Standing Committees by the Dean as part of the annual teaching workload assignment.  Faculty membership on each Standing Committee is limited to a term of three consecutive years. Other members of standing committees (e.g., students, field instructors, contract academic staff) are recruited by the Deanís office through a call for volunteers. In such recruitment, when feasible, constituent bodies will be allowed to elect their own representatives (e.g., the MSW Student Association or Club may elect their own representatives.).  When this is not feasible and when there are more volunteers for positions than needed, a vote of Divisional Council will determine the representatives.

3.    Subcommittees:  Any of the standing committees may appoint one or more sub-committees as may be required, and members of such sub-committees may include faculty, campus or field, and students who are not members of the Divisional Council.

4.    Ad hoc Committees:  From time to time, the Council may appoint special ad hoc committees to work on specified tasks.  These ad hoc committees end at the annual Divisional Council meeting unless discharged earlier by the Council.

5.    Reports:  All standing and ad hoc committees will report to the Council at each meeting.

6.    Duties of Committees:  Each committee will deal with all matters referred to it that fall within its mandate and will report to the Divisional Council on the disposition of such matters.

7.    Annual Written Reports:  Each committee will submit a written annual report to Divisional Council at the annual meeting.

8.    Reports of Sub-Committees:  All sub-committees will report to the Council through their parent committees.

9.    Minutes:  Minutes will be kept of the proceedings of all committees.

10.    Role of Dean:  The Dean will be an ex officio member of all committees and sub-committees.

11.    Quorums:  One-half of the members of any committee or sub-committee will constitute a quorum.

12.    Calling Meetings:  Meetings of committees may be called by the chairperson of the committee; or by one-third of the committee members; or by the Council; or by the Dean.

13.    Election of Chairpersons:  Unless otherwise specified, committees will elect their own chairperson.  Standing Committees will elect Chairs from among all members.

14.    Length of Existence:  All standing committees of the Divisional Council and their sub-committees continue to exist into each new academic year until such time as the Divisional Council has reconstituted them.