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September 29, 2016
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Opportunities to Get Involved

If you are interested in getting involved in the FSW decision-making process, consider a position as a student representative on the FSW Divisional Council or one of its Standing Committees.  The Divisional Council Terms of Reference lists the different committees and their mandates. Divisional Council meets four times per year; Standing Committees normally meet once per month. 

By joining a committee, you can:

  • represent your MSW program

  • provide insight into student needs and concerns

  • participate in the making of policies and practices

  • contribute to planning in practice education, admissions criteria, and curriculum reviews

  • promote and ensure equity across the Faculty

Governance within the Faculty of Social Work

The committee structure consists of five standing committees that report to a Divisional Council. Divisional Council in turn reports to the Graduate Faculty Council and the University Senate. Please see the list below for student membership information.  If you would like to join a committee, contact your MSW Student Association President.

Committee Student Membership
Divisional Council
4 MSW students and 1 PhD student, all of whom are nominated from the student body.  At least 1 student should be from the Aboriginal stream.
Aboriginal Field of Study
2 students from the Aboriginal Field of Study
2 MSW students and 1 PhD student
6 MSW students - 1 each from the first and second year of the 2 year full time program; 1 from the part-time program; 1 from the advanced standing program; 1 each from the AFS full-time and part-time programs; 1 PhD student
MSW Curriculum, Practicum, Admissions & Student Affairs
5 MSW students - representation needed from all programs
PhD Admissions, Curriculum & Student Affairs
1 doctoral student

On May 5, 1993, Divisional Council approved a policy that “…students should be given time to participate in Divisional Council Standing Committees, related Task Forces, Ad Hoc Committees and the MSW Student Association.”  Appendix B in the MSW Practicum Manual lists the principles and guidelines for this policy.