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July 28, 2016
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Research Assistantships

Information and Application Form

** Please note these RA positions are for FACULTY OF SOCIAL WORK STUDENTS ONLY **


Welcome to the Faculty of Social Work at Wilfrid Laurier University. During your tenure at Laurier, you may be interested to apply for a research assistantship for a range of projects. Assistantships are ordinarily awarded on a term basis (fall, winter or spring).  Payment rates are adjusted annually and the exact amount of the rate in any given academic year will be announced prior to the beginning of the Spring Term. New applications must be made each term.

Acceptance for these positions is based on a process which matches faculty requests and student skills. If accepted as a Research Assistant, your specific work schedule should be arranged in consultation with the professor for whom you will be working. Hours and performance will be monitored.

Applications for the Research Assistantship with the Equity Committee

The Equity Committee is a standing committee of the Faculty of Social Work and has responsibility to raise issues of concern regarding equity and anti-oppression, both within the Faculty and within the broader community. We also support the change efforts of the Faculty, including learning and growth in terms of equity issues among all members of the social work community- faculty, staff, students and field organizations.

The work of the committee is supported by a Research Assistant who works with the committee to develop the program for the Equity Forum in the fall.

Application Procedure

On the face of RA application, please indicate whether you are applying for
A) a general research assistantship,
B) a research assistantship specifically for the Equity Committee or
C) both. You may identify a first and second choice if you wish.

Please complete the application form and submit it electronically. If you have further questions, please email Lea Caragata, Associate Dean: PhD Program at

Work assignments may include literature searches, article retrieval, research interviews, and data entry and/or data analysis. Experience with computer programs such as SPSS and Nvivo as well as experience with TRELLIS and a range of search engines are highly valued skills. We do try to assign Research Assistantships to as many different students as possible. However, if you have already held a Research Assistantship in the FSW you may be asked to continue on the same project.