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October 22, 2016
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www.Chemistry Links

1- Online Databases for Chemicals Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS):

Click Here to be forwarded to the page maintained by the Chemistry Library at the University of Iowa

2- Spectral Database for Organic Compounds:

Click Here to be forwarded to the page maintained by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)

3- A must read weekly news magazine:

Chemical and Engineering News

4- Chemistry Societies:

a) Canadian Society for Chemistry

b) American Chemical Society

5- Search
Full-Text Electronic Journals by Name:

Click here

6- Full-Text Electronic Journals by Publisher

a) Nature Publishing Group

American Association for the Advancement of Science (Science)

c) American Chemistry Society Journals

d) Elsevier Journals

e) Royal Society of Chemistry Journals

f) SpringerLink Journals

g) Wiley InterScience Journals

h) Tyler & Francis Group Journals

7- Journal Citation Reports

Click Here

8- Chemical Literature Database


9- Encyclopedia of Inorganic Chemistry

Click Here

10- Chemistry Internet Resources Compiled by WLU Library:

11- Chemistry Links from other Selected Chemistry Department at Canadian Universities:

a) University of Waterloo

b) University of Guelph

c) McMaster University

d) University of Toronto

e) University of Western Ontario

f) University of Windsor

12- For a complete list of Canadian Chemistry Departments: Click here

13- For a complete list of World-wide Chemistry Departments: Click here

14- CRC handbook of Chemistry and Physics (NEW !) Click here (access available from Laurier computers only)


15- For series of e-books published by Springer, click here

16- List of Science and Engineering journal abbreviations by UBC, click here.

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