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October 23, 2016
Canadian Excellence

PTAC (Part-time Contract Academic Staff)

Posting Schedule

Fall Term: June 1 (or earlier)

Winer Term: October 1 (or earlier)

Spring/Intersession/Summer Terms: February 1 (or earlier)

PTAC Faculty Members 2016-17

Ian Hamilton (Chair)

Geoff Horsman

Michael Suits

Stephen MacNeil/Louise Dawe (Alt)

Dmitri Goussev (Alt) 

CAS Staff 2016-17

Fall 2016

Luba Brovko (CH354)

Jim Gerlach (CH250)

Julie Nykamp (CH419)

Winter 2017

Luba Brovko (CH458)

Jim Gerlach (CH350, CH453)

Ahmad Ghavimi (CH327) 

Sprummer 2017

Jim Gerlach (CH111/121, CH250, CH350)

Ahmad Ghavami (CH203/205)

Katie Psutka (CH202/204)

CAS Department-in Council and Divisional Council Representatives 2016-17

Jim Gerlach

CAS Roster Application and Assessment of CAS Candidates Forms

WLUFA Part-time Collective Agreement 2013-2016

Assessment of CAS Candidates: Appendix H: Article 13.5.1

CAS Roster Application Appendix G