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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Science
October 26, 2016
Canadian Excellence


The research-based graduate program in Chemistry and Biochemistry is aimed at providing students with transferable practical skills, as well as a comprehensive background in a variety of close-knit chemical disciplines. The graduates will be prepared to use their acquired knowledge and experimental skills in organic, inorganic, biological, physical and analytical chemistry to solve multifaceted theoretical and experimental problems. As a result of the strong emphasis on a multidisciplinary approach to education, a graduate of the Masterís degree program in Chemistry and Biochemistry will have a wide range of opportunities for employment in a variety of areas such as the pharmaceutical, medical, petrochemical, polymer, food and biotechnology industries. The graduates will also be encouraged to further pursue their studies in doctoral programs in Chemistry, Biochemistry and Chemical Education.

The objective of the proposed graduate program will be achieved in six consecutive terms through course work, a departmental research seminar presentation and a research-based Masterís thesis including an oral defence. The thesis will have a major focus on one of the main disciplines in Chemistry or Biochemistry (organic, inorganic, biological, physical and analytical) and a minor focus on one or more of the other disciplines, constituting a multidisciplinary approach. A minimum of three one-term courses will be required for this program, two of which should be closely related to the major discipline and the third of which should be linked to the minor discipline. A research seminar in the second year of the program (4th term) will also be required for the completion of the M.Sc. degree.