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September 26, 2016
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Field Schools

Policy on the Required Field Course for Students in Archaeology

The following policy statement was discussed at a meeting of the Department-in-Council, November 1, 2012 and adopted on November 13, 2012:

1. It is recommended that students in each archaeological program should take the version of AR219* which is offered in the department in their program.  If this is not possible, they may take another field school offered in the department. 

2. Students must write a letter to the department stating their intention to take any field school outside the department, so that the proper procedures are followed with the Registrarís Office.

3. Archaeology Majors who wish to take a field school outside the department must apply to do so with a letter explaining their situation and describing in detail the field school they wish to attend.  The description must show that the field school meets our standards in terms of what is taught and the length of time in the field. Approval of such requests will not be automatic, but will be decided by a departmental committee.

4. A special committee of the Department-in-Council (all members who wish to attend) will decide on a case-by-case basis whether individual requests to take AR219* outside the department should be granted.

The department has approved in principle the requirement of a 15-page report from students on their field school, whether inside or outside the department.

The general requirements for the paper will be outlined in the appropriate WLU course syllabus or in discussion with the faculty member whose area most closely corresponds with a non-Laurier field school should approval be granted.

Information on upcoming field schools will be available at the Dig Night (usually held January/February).