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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Arts
June 25, 2017
Canadian Excellence

Special Events

Since 2005, the WLU Medieval Studies Program has hosted a number of
special events with financial support from the Dean of the Faculty of
Arts, the Dean of the Faculty of Music, the Vice-President: Academic, and the Academic Events Office.  
These have included our annual day-long celebration of Medieval Studies
at Laurier during the Fall term (the Medieval Day Colloquium), our
annual Distinguished Visiting Speaker series during the Winter term, and
various other events both on-campus and in the community. The Medieval
Day Colloquia have included featured guest speakers, research
presentations by WLU faculty and colleagues from other local
universities, research presentations by students, and other
presentations and activities, including musical and dramatic performances.

In addition, the Medieval Students' Teaching Experience Program
(MedSTEP) has received external funding from The History Education
Network/Histoire et ducation en Rseau (THEN/HiER).

The programs for past events are linked below:

2016 Distinguished Visiting Speaker  (Dr. Elizabeth Ewan)

2015 Distinguished Visiting Speaker (Dr. Ann Marie Rasmussen)

2014 Medieval Day (Dr. Mark Meyerson)

2014 Distinguished Visiting Speaker (Dr. Kenneth Bartlett)

2013 Medieval Day (Dr. Suzanne Conklin Akbari)

2013 Distinguished Visiting Speaker (Dr. Patricia Sutherland)

2012 Medieval Day  (Dr. Matt Kavaler)

2012 Distinguished Visiting Speaker  (Dr. John Block Friedman)

2011 Medieval Day  (Dr. John Haines)

2011 Distinguished Visiting Speaker  (Drs. Thomas and Elizabeth Cohen)

2010 Medieval Day (Dr. John Marenbon)

2010 Distinguished Visiting Speaker (Dr. Antonette diPaolo Healey)

2010 MedSTEP

2009 Medieval Day (Dr. Michael Fox)

2009 Distinguished Visiting Speaker (Dr. Bryan Gillingham)

2009 MedSTEP

2008 Medieval Day (Heather Dale)

2008 Special Guest Speaker (Dr. Massimo Montanari)

2008 Manuscript Acquisition Reception

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2008 Distinguished Visiting Speaker (Dr. Cynthia Neville)

2007 "Noah's Flood" Play (WCAC)

2007 Medieval Day (Dr. David Klausner)

2007 Distinguished Visiting Speaker (Dr. Carolyn Dinshaw)

2006 Bayeux Tapestry Event (WCAC)

2006 Medieval Day (Dr. James Ginther)

2006 Distinguished Visiting Speaker (Dr. Ralph Hanna)

2005 Medieval Day (Andy Orchard)