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June 29, 2017
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Interdisciplinary Medieval Studies Program


Medieval Studies 

Medieval studies is a broad category of study that examines cultural materials from the era c. 500-1500 AD. These materials include myths, philosophy, history, heroic stories, theology, combat, fine arts, language, military history, manuscripts, literature, politics, music, economics, calligraphy, urban studies, architecture, language history, images, philosophy of science, cultural studies, gender studies, and many other areas and disciplines. Study of the medieval era frequently requires an inherent interdisciplinary approach as well as a variety of intellectual approaches. Medieval studies in modern universities also include courses in medievalism, that is, the study of the representations of medieval cultures in modern or contemporary cultures. 

Interdisciplinary Medieval Studies

An interdisciplinary medieval studies program offers a concentration in medieval and medievalism courses by drawing together a number of disciplines and areas which are related to the culture of the Middle Ages but which are isolated in various departments and faculties in the university. Students have the opportunity to explore the rich and complex civilization of the Middle Ages in terms of the medieval past but also as a legacy of our modern culture. Such a program offers students an introduction to a multidisciplinary perspective crucial to todays teaching and research and the chance to experience the value of an interdisciplinary approach to the humanities.