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September 30, 2016
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MA Program

Master of Arts in English

Studies in Gender, Nation, and Media

The Master of Arts in English provides graduate course offerings and faculty expertise in Literary and Film Studies. The MA in English allows students to undertake a traditional graduate degree in English, with special topics and coverage in the major periods, movements and theoretical approaches to British, American, or World Literatures in English, or to take advantage of the rich intellectual and theoretical confluences between literary and film studies.

Literary and Film Studies – 1 of only 3 programs in Canada

The special opportunity provided by the Department of English and Film Studies -- one of only three programs in Canada to combine these two disciplines -- allows students to take advantage of the rich intellectual and theoretical confluences between literary and film studies represented by our faculty research and graduate courses.  Film and literature intersect in a variety of ways: the theoretical, critical, and analytical skills students acquire in the program enable them to engage with important issues that pertain to both literature and film, such as representation, aesthetics, narrative, adaptation, gender, identity, structure, and genre. (See our student testimonials under the Graduate Program main menu to see why our English and Film Studies program works!)

Studies in Gender, Nation, and Media
We believe that the cross-pollination of literary, film and media studies represented by our graduate course offerings in each of these disciplines, combined with our department’s exceptionally strong record of publications and expertise in Gender Studies, Diaspora and Postcolonial Studies, Textualities/Print Culture and Film Studies, makes us particularly suited for students wishing to engage with these intersecting fields of specialization: Gender, Nation, and Media.  (See ‘Studies in Gender, Nation, and Media’ under the MA Program menu for our diverse range of course offerings.)

Structure of Program: An Intensive 8-month degree (course work only) or a 1-year degree (with Major Research Paper)
The program offers small graduate seminars in which students receive a high level of individual attention from the faculty.  The Department is proud of its excellent research and teaching record and the personal attention it can offer to Master's students.

The department offers graduate courses in both English Literature and Film Studies.  Each student has the flexibility to choose an area of concentration: either a single focus on English literature or a combined focus on English Literature and Film Studies.  Students undertaking the Major Research Paper option also have the opportunity to customize their degree work according to their area of interest under the supervision of one of our dedicated faculty members.

The MA degree is offered on a full-time or part-time basis. Most full-time students complete the program in in 2 terms by choosing the course-work stream, which consists of 7 one-term courses and a required course in Research Methods, Theory, and Professionalization. Students who wish to pursue the 3-term degree may do so by choosing to write a Major Research Paper in the Spring term under the supervision of a faculty member with the relevant expertise.  See guidelines for the Major Research Paper under MA Program menu on the left.

Guaranteed Funding and Teaching Experience
Few other programs in the country offer their MA students first-hand teaching experience in the form of Teaching Assistantships.  Even fewer programs in the country offer their qualified MA students a highly competitive guaranteed funding package of up to $12,000!

Students who qualify receive financial support in the form of WLU graduate scholarships, fellowships, and/or teaching assistantships. The Department also regularly attracts students who have received external awards such as the Ontario Graduate Scholarship and the SSHRC Graduate Scholarship Master’s Award.

The MA and Beyond . . .
Our department not only takes great pride in its students’ accomplishments while they are in our program but also in the productive, successful and fulfilling careers they go on to build once they have graduated from our program.

Indeed, those of our graduates who wish to pursue a career in academia are very successful in securing external awards and scholarships, as well as securing a place as doctoral candidates in the leading PhD programs across the country. Those who wish to pursue careers beyond the academy continue to prove how versatile and highly valued the MA in English continues to be in a rapidly changing and increasingly competitive global job market.

Our graduate students have launched successful careers in the publishing industry, education and government, the media and entertainment industry, the information technology sector, law, journalism, the business sector and much more.