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September 25, 2016
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Program Handbook and Worksheets

To the left you will find our comprehensive Handbook which includes registration, course, and program information.  Students should consider this a one-stop source.

Student Comments:

I appreciated how faculty membersí diverse backgrounds found a place in the classroom at Laurier. Classes allowed for many discussion opportunities which allowed me to bridge obscure concepts I could take back to my own research and writing. The opportunities the program allowed for discussion on various worldviews and ideologies was often extremely beneficial, especially in seminar situations. Most of all, I respected many of the professors at Laurier for not telling me what to think, or even allowing me to discover their own bias. This aspect alone demonstrated that I was truly learning how to think- and think differently.
Kate Korpan Milak (BA Hons 2006), Teacher

I found the English and Film program at Laurier very enlightening. I had professors who would recognize my writing styles and how I learned year after year because they took the time to know who I was. I found the work load and its calibre demanding, but not impossible. I found myself consistently excited to learn by the profs at Laurier and found them very knowledgeable. The variety in course selection was decent, due to the size of Laurier, perhaps seemed less vast as larger universities, but I never felt that there wasn't something necessary that wasn't being offered. I found Laurier a great school to attend. 
Cynthia Terry (BA Hons 2004), Saskatoon, SK

The most valuable aspects of my program included: a wide range of course options, which offered a good balance between historical coverage of language and literature, theory, and culture; a close-knit departmental community, in which mentorship and guidance was readily available; and innovative teaching.
... I am extremely satisfied by the education I received at Wilfrid Laurier University. It prepared me very well, both for graduate study and for an eventual career in teaching.
John Connelly (BA Hons 2002, MA 2003), Teacher, Durham Catholic School Board

I found my program at Laurier to be both challenging and rewarding. The array of English courses offered allowed me to develop my interests in a particular area of study as well as encouraged me to explore other areas. Moreover, the flexibility of the required course offerings provided me with the space necessary to hone in on specific social and cultural issues and reflect on their development throughout the various literary periods.
Kyla Pratt (BA Hons 2006), Completing a Master's Degree, McMaster University