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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of  Music
December 4, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Widening the Boundaries of: Teacher Preparation and Classroom Practices in Music Education

The preparation for teachers for professional service in the music classroom is a matter for national consideration. Teacher education has been the topic of a number of papers, round table discussions, and posters during previous Pan Can symposia as well as in provincial conferences and journal publications. The quality and relevance of teacher education programs has been the subject of considerable previous research. However, this proposal uniquely focuses on music education. Research

Project Proposal: Educational Innovators, Music Teacher Preparation for the Music Classroom, K-Graduation.

Scope: Pan Canadian-undergraduate and certification degree programs

1a) Inventory

National snapshop of the requirements for certification to teach music by gathering data on the:

  • program (e.g., concurrent or consecutive/ number of years/hours of instruction, core requirements for BMus),
  • curriculum (philosophy/reading lists/assignments/teaching-learning strategies),
  • course instructors (tenured or sessional/TAs)
  • practicum experiences (nature and length of practicum/music classroom/ practicums for elementary/role of host teachers).
  • Other requirements for certification

1b) Efficacy/Effectiveness of program

Survey sample of recent education graduates (in first 5-7 years of career) to discover: