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August 27, 2016
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Keyboard Facility

Keyboard Facility
Non-piano majors who have not completed Royal Conservatory Grade VI Piano (or equivalent) prior to entering the B.Mus. program must demonstrate proficiency at this level before proceeding to third year. For those who have not completed a Grade VI Exam, successful completion of an Equivalency Exam may be used to fulfill the piano requirement.

All incoming and transfer students will be required to sign up for a placement interview during Orientation week. The placement interview is an opportunity for students to:

  • provide proof of completing a Grade VI exam in the form of an official certificate or a copy of examination results, completed within the previous 3 calendar years. 
  • Try the Equivalency Exam
  • Display their current level of proficiency at the piano for workshop placement purposes

Students unable to pass the Equivalency Exam are strongly recommended to take the Piano Facility workshop. This workshop is offered to assist students to prepare for the Equivalency Exam, which is administered as part of the workshop at no additional charge. Students may register for the Piano Facility workshop through Continuing and Part Time Studies, which may be taken for up to four terms (i.e. up to the end of second year).

Should students decide to pursue piano studies on their own in lieu of taking the workshop they must arrange to re-take the Equivalency Exam or present a Grade VI certificate before they enter their third year of study. The Equivalency Exams may be taken by a student entering their 2nd or 3rd year during Orientation week along with the incoming first year students at no additional charge, or students may arrange for an exam to be administered at any time, arranged with the Piano Facility Coordinator, for a fee of $50.

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