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August 29, 2016
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Frequently Asked Questions

Some Frequently Asked Questions posed by current students:

Can I make changes to the courses for which I have preregistered?
You can make changes to your registration on or after September 29th by completing an ADD/DROP form, having it signed by your department, and handing it in at the Registrarís Office for processing. The last day for adding a first-term course is September 24. The last day for dropping first-term courses without failure is November 8. The last day for adding second term courses is January 17. The last day for dropping two-term and second term courses without failure is March 7.

Is it possible to drop core music courses?
You must remain registered in the core music course (theory, history, skills) in order to continue in your lessons.

What must I do if I am not accepted into the ensemble for which I preregistered?
It is your responsibility to ensure that your registration is correct. You need to complete an ADD/DROP form dropping the ensemble in which you are preregistered and adding the ensemble in which you will be participating. You must have your form signed by the ensemble director and your department, then you must submit it to the Registrarís Office for processing.

Can a student be enrolled in more than one ensemble?
There are course numbers for second ensembles but in first year, a student must have passed piano proficiency and not be enrolled in MU116. Enrollment in a second ensemble is also at the discretion of the studio instructor.

Is it possible for a first-year student to do chamber music?
Yes. But only by audition, and if piano proficiency has been passed.

What should I do if I am having trouble with course material?
You should see your instructor first, and as soon as possible, preferably during the instructorís office hours.

What procedure should I follow if I think I need a tutor?
Please refer to the Peer Tutoring Policy.

How do I apply for music scholarships?
The student awards website is the official source of information for scholarships and bursaries (, click on student awards).

When can I book flights home or make end-of-term vacation plans?
Students are strongly urged not to make any time commitments (i.e. vacation travel) during the examination period. Students are required to be available for examinations during the examination periods of all terms in which they are registered. Final exam period for fall-term courses is December 9 through December 23. The exam schedule will be posted in mid-October. Final exam period for winter and two-term courses is April 8 through April 27. The exam schedule for winter term will be posted in mid-February.