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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of  Music
December 9, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Survey of Ontario Community Bands

A Preliminary Study of Community Band Musicians in Ontario
Roger Mantie, Principal Investigator

Members (n=275) of nine randomly-chosen community bands completed a questionnaire (spring 2008) designed to solicit information on health and well-being, social functioning, musical interests, and socio-demographics. The study's goal is to better understand the characteristics and motivations of community band participants, with the aim of better informing those interested in community bands, and those in the field of music education.

Dissemination: Canadian Winds (2009); Symposium: Music Around Us, May 2009

 Principal Investigator Roger Mantie

Roger Mantie is a Ph.D. Candidate in Music Education at the University of Toronto, where he has conducted the Hart House Symphonic Band and directed the Royal Conservatory of Music Jazz Ensemble. His research interests lie in theorizing avocational and lifelong music making, music teacher training, and school curriculum and instruction. His dissertation, “Stylizing Lives: Selected Discourses in Instrumental Music Education,” uses the work of Michel Foucault to examine disciplinary discourses.