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December 9, 2016
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Sprummer 2012

Course Outlines

The course outlines below are provided for your information and reference.

Any original material in a course outline created by an individual instructor is considered the intellectual property of that instructor, and should not be used or adapted without the instructor’s permission and appropriate acknowledgment.

Course outlines may be subject to change.


Extra Curricular Activities

Involvement in extra-curricular activities (such as sports practices or games, Fashion N Motion, etc.) does not exempt students in any way from their academic responsibilities in classes.

Statement on Academic Research and Misconduct

The Department of Communication Studies takes cases of academic and research misconduct very seriously. Students must adhere to and abide by the University’s Policy on Academic and Research Misconduct, as reprinted below. Penalties for misconduct are severe and may include: failure on the assignment, examination or course; suspension from the program or university; expulsion from the program or university.

Procedure: If an instructor suspects a case of academic and/or research misconduct, he/she will initiate the Academic Misconduct Investigation and Adjudication Process as stated in University Policy 12.2.II.B.

Important: Regardless of the specific penalty levied, the names of all students engaged in academic misconduct will be reported to the Department, the Dean of Arts’ Office, and the University’s Central Registry.

Wilfrid Laurier University uses software that can check for plagiarism. Students may be required to submit their written work in electronic form and have it checked for plagiarism.

Statement on Academic and Research Misconduct for the Undergraduate and Graduate Calendar as defined by University Policy 12.2 II

Additional Notes

Students with disabilities or special needs are advised to contact Laurier's Accessible Learning Office for information regarding its services and resources. Students are encouraged to review the Calendar for information regarding all services available on campus.

Students are expected to be aware of and abide by University regulations and policies, as outlined in the current Undergraduate and Graduate Calendar (the web version is the official Calendar).

Students must reserve the examination period as stated in the Undergraduate Calendar under Academic Dates.  If you are considering registering for a special examination or event, you should select a time outside the examination period.  Consult with the Undergraduate Calendar (print or web version) for special circumstances for examination deferral.
(Applicable to Undergraduate students only.)

"After class call 886-FOOT for a walk or drive home - No Walk is Too Short or Too Long!!!"

The penalties for plagiarism or any form of academic misconduct are severe and enforced at all times.  The Student Code of Conduct and Discipline, and the procedures for investigating and determining appropriate disciplinary measures for breaches of the Code are given in the current Undergraduate and Graduate Calendar.

Students are to adhere to the Principles in the Use of Information Technology.  These Principles and resulting actions for breaches are stated in the current Undergraduate and Graduate Calendar.

Students' names may be divulged in the classroom, both orally and in written form, to other members of the class. Students who are concerned about such disclosures should contact the course instructor to identify whether there are any possible alternatives to such disclosures.  Additional information on the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act at Laurier is available at the Privacy Coordinator Office.


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