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September 25, 2017
Canadian Excellence

Involvement in CCRLA

Director, Laurier Centre for Community Research Learning and Action (2008-2012)

Terry Mitchell initiated the development of the first Community-Faculty-Student Board of Directors for the launch of the Centre for Community Research, Learning and Action’s (CCRLA). Established within the Faculty of Science, CCRLA’s mandate is to promote community-university partnerships and research that advances community health and social justice. The Centre responds to the needs of community partners through selected research and evaluation, and provides rich applied learning and research mentoring opportunities for students, while facilitating community engaged research

opportunities and support for faculty. We envision an informed community, in which all have a voice and the capacity to advance positive social change. Our mission is to harness the knowledge and mobilize the resources of the university, community members, and organizations to address complex social issues. Through multi and interdisciplinary approaches, the Centre promotes excellence in community-university partnerships. The Centre includes partners from the Faculty of Education, Social Work, Business, and Science, and is largely governed by faculty from the Faculty of Science, and in

particular, Psychology faculty and students. The Centre for Community Research, Learning and Action (CCRLA) has served as importantvenue and vehicle for active learning and mentoring in community engaged scholarship over the last

four years. CCRLA advances community-based research and learning through community-university research partnerships which link Laurier students and faculty with local community organizations. Since 2009, CCRLA has had a public launch, a board visioning day, has built over 50 community partnerships, trained over 50 students, hosted an ongoing speaker series as well as an international practicum student from Chile and a visiting scholar from Kenya. CCRLA faculty and students have produced 24 peer reviewed publications and 9 research reports. CCRLA’s five research groups

(Community Flex Stream; Community, Environment, and Justice; Equity, Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS; Indigenous Health and Social Justice; and Poverty Reduction) were successful in Tri- Council funding applications and have secured close to $500,000 in research grants between 2009 and 2012. CCRLA serves as a positive public relations vehicle for Laurier University, a Centre that actively expresses the themes and domains of the Academic Plan with a focus on community engagement and high impact learning.