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October 20, 2017
Canadian Excellence

Ke Pang


email: Ke Pang
phone: 519.884.0710
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“Equity Home Bias, Incomplete Financial Markets and Nominal Rigidities”, 2011, Canadian Journal of Economics 44(1), 340-363.

“Financial Frictions and Stress in Financial Markets” with Pierre L. Siklos, in Economic Research Bulletin 9(2), Czech National Bank, November 2011. 

"Financial Integration, Nominal Rigidity and Monetary Policy", 2013, International Review of Economics & Finance 25, 75-90.

“Vertical Trade, Exchange Rate Pass-Through, and the Exchange Rate Regime” with Yao Tang, 2014, Open Economies Review 25(3), 477-520.

"The Effects of Exchange Rates on Employment in Canada" with Haifang Huang and Yao Tang, 2014, Canadian Public Policy 40(4), 339-352.

Working Papers

"Macroeconomic Consequences of the Real-Financial Nexus: Imbalances and Spillovers between China and the U.S." with Pierre L. Siklos (accepted for publication at Journal of International Money and Finance).

"Estimating the International Spillover Effects of the U.S. Economy: the role of Capital Control and Exchange Rate Policy" with Yao Tang, LCERPA Working Paper #2014-13.


Work in Progress

"Canadian Industrial Structure and Exchange Rate Policy" with Yao Tang

"Demographic Structure, Saving, and Current Account Dynamics" with Yao Tang

"Aging, Technological Innovation, and Growth in China" with Yao Tang