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October 27, 2016
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Free Statistical Analysis Resources

FreeStatistics.Info: This site contains links to many free analysis software packages. It also has links to tutorials and videos that explain many statistical concepts

OPENSTAT : Highly recommended. This is the program I recommend for students. It is available for Windows and Linux. It can do many of the analyses that SPSS can do and is aimed at students. At the bottom of the page you find links to Word documents that explain how to do many of the analyses.

Free Online Statistical Calculations

There are many web pages where you can enter data and calculated stats. Here is a short list:

t-tests (paired): Link1 Link2 Link3

Unfortunately there are no two-way repeated measures ANOVA pages for online calculation. But, OpenStat as well as SPSS do these easily.

Video of how to do two-way repeated measures ANOVA in SPSS 

A PDF that describes how to do two-way repeated measures ANOVA in SPSS

Another two-way example