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July 30, 2016
Canadian Excellence

External Research Grants

•   SSHRC Insight Grant – A 5-year project (2012-2017) entitled: “Inuit Regional Autonomy in the Provincial and Territorial North” - Principal Investigator: Gary Wilson (UNBC); Co-Applicants: Christopher Alcantara and Thierry Rodon (Carleton) – Total Grant Amount: $198,750.

•   SSHRC Standard Research Grant – A 3-year project (2011-2014) entitled: “Coordinating Communities: Policy Collaboration Between Municipal and Indigenous Governments” - Principal Investigator: Christopher Alcantara; Co-Applicant: Jen Nelles – Total Grant Amount: $73,827.

•    SSHRC Special Research Grant on Northern Communities: Towards Social and Economic Prosperity – A 3-year project (2009-2012) entitled: “Explaining Territorial Devolution in the Canadian North: A Comparative Case Study of the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories, and Nunavut” - Principal (and Sole) Investigator: Christopher Alcantara – Total Grant Amount: $80,706.

•   Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC) Study Team Grant (2009-2011) entitled: “The Evolution of Aboriginal and Municipal Accountability and Transparency Policies in Canada”, co-led with Dr. Rob Leone – Total Grant Amount: $10,000.