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December 9, 2016
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The AMSSA Research Connections (ARC) E-Portal

ARC is a searchable database of research on immigration and immigrant
settlement issues. The aim of ARC is to disseminate research to frontline
workers and policy-makers in the field of immigrant settlement—to help
them meet the everyday challenges of planning, decision-making, program
design and the preparation of funding submissions.

ARC provides summaries for each of its featured research papers, enabling
users to quickly gain the information they need, as well as the option to
download the full research papers. The flexible search function allows
users to browse by theme, by a combination of themes, and/or by using a
specific keyword. ARC also features an innovative glossary of terms specific
to the fields of immigration and immigrant settlement, a multimedia page
with presentations on current research, and links to numerous online resources.

Language on the Move

As the founders of this Website have become more interested in multilingualism and social inclusion, the accessibility of their work has become a key concern for them and so they wanted to find a way to share their research they are passionate about with more people. Their domain name suggests language and communication issues in multicultural and transnational contexts.

Government of Canada:  Careers in the Federal Public Service

Interested candidates can set up an on-line profile and also register for the automated "job alert" to receive notification of upcoming opportunities and deadlines.

United Food and Commercial Workers Union

UFCW is pleased to support the Mennonite New Life Centre initiative of providing access to education and action resources in the community.   “Raising Our Voices” is a half hour documentary which exposes the inequities and employment challenges that newcomers face as they enter into the Canadian workforce. It also dispels the myths and stigmas attached with the experience of new immigrants and empowers workers in their ability to mobilize and participate in advocating for social change. This documentary, along with the resources below are a useful tool in newcomer advocacy forums. UFCW stands proudly in sponsoring continuous efforts with our partners at the Mennonite New Life Centre.

Please see the document entitled "Education and Action Resources - Mennonite New Life Centre", under related information, below, for more information.

The European Commission-United Nations Joint Migration and Development

Initiative <> (JMDI)

supports civil society organizations and local authorities seeking to link

migration and development.  A key activity of the JMDI has been to develop a dedicated *migration and

development* portal migration4development.org

The portal is fast becoming the *go to website* on migration and development

issues featuring news, jobs, examples of M&D projects as well as online

e-discussions run in collaboration with various UN agencies. It is available

in English and in French.

By visiting the site you can also gain access to the 1,860 members of M4D

net – an online community of M&D practitioners from over 110 countries.

Based on a typical social networking site, users can create their own

profile and interact with other users. Users can then upload and share

their own documents, jobs and events related to M&D with the wider M&D

community. To sign up to receive email updates, please click


To obtain a profile, and begin networking with other M&D practitioners,

click here <>!

We encourage you to visit <>and

also to create a profile!

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