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December 8, 2016
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Community/Institutional Affiliates

Community/Institutional Affiliates are community members, policy makers, non-governmental and governmental representatives and other organizations who are involved in work related to immigrants or migration more broadly. Community affiliates will be sent regular updates on centre events and research, and new publication releases related to international migration. Community Advisory Board is comprised of three members drawn from the community/non-governmental and government organizations. Advisory board members are asked to participate in 2 meetings per year in order to provide input on the direction of research and potential collaborations with community groups, with respect to service delivery, meeting the needs of receiving communities and migrants, policy evaluation and policy making. The Community Advisory Board will be determined by the Director and Associate Director. Positions on the community advisory board are 3 years in duration.


The Canadian Immigration Historical Society (CIHS)


Contact: Mike Molly


The Working Centre


Contact: Margaret O'Shea

Sheena McDonald


FOCAL Foundation for the Americas/La Fundación Canadiense para las Américas


Contact: Barbara McLaren


Waterloo Region Immigration Partnership


Contact: Arran Rowles


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