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August 26, 2016
Canadian Excellence


MSW alumna Lynn Albrecht writes first novel

In 2010 Lynn Albrecht found herself in a bit of a crisis. Her last child had just left home and she was experiencing empty nest syndrome. "I found myself wondering 'what do I do now' and 'who am I'"? She decided to do something she'd always wanted to do but had never had time to pursue during her years as a mother and social worker: She'd write a novel. "I saw the experience as an empty canvass," she said. "I thought that I'd make a little mark in one corner and if I didn't like it I'd paint over it."

She didn't paint over it and that little mark in the corner became Lynn's first book, Dying for Sex, which was published in 2013.

Writing wasn't new to Lynn. She'd started her career in corporate communication in Toronto's financial district before switching directions and completing her MSW at Laurier in 2001. For the past 12 years Lynn has been a social worker in Kitchener, currently working at St. Mary's hospital.

Starting a novel wasn't difficult she'd done that many times over the years. The difficult part was finishing it, but once her children were grown and she had more time to herself the process became not only easier, but therapeutic. "When I write I don't think of anything else. I look up and suddenly four hours have gone by," Lynn said.

For her first novel, Lynn wanted to write about something she knew, which was social work. As a child she had always liked to write funny things and as an adult some of her favourite novels were humorous murder mysteries so she decide that would be her genre. At the same time, Lynn met some swingers, found the subculture fascinating and did some research. She decided that she had to have swingers in her book. The end result is a funny, witty novel about a social worker who is murdered in the nursing home where she works. "I really enjoyed writing this book," said Lynn." I could use my sense of humour more than I could at work. I could say whatever I wanted to and Lindy (the protagonist) had the guts to do things I wouldn't want to do."

Lynn is now hard at work on the second novel in the series and also continues to work at St. Mary's hospital.

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