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October 27, 2016
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Mechanics for Life Sciences

Intersession 2013


 Class Hours  Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday - 16:30-18:20
 Location  SBE1220
 Office Hours  Monday and Thursday, 2:30-3:30, or by appointment*

 Wilson, Buffa, and Lou "College Physics, 7th ed."

* for students in lab section L1, I can extend my monday office hours a bit later if you email me in advance


Lab Instructor:  Hasan Shodiev, Science N2086, x2461

PC141 Laboratory: Science N2089

IMPORTANT NOTE  The calendar description for PC141 indicates that the labs are "biweekly".  This refers to the course as it is offered in the 12-week fall semester.  For the 6-week intersession offering, labs are held every week.

Notes on the textbook

  • Previous editions are probably sufficient.  Generally, the only non-cosmetic difference between the editions is the numbering of the end-of-chapter problems.  Since our assignments are all done online, the problem numbering is irrelevant.
  • This course will use the MasteringPhysics online system to administer the assignments and quizzes. If you purchased a new copy of the textbook from the bookstore, it included an access code. If you do not purchase the text, or if you purchased a used copy without the access code, then you may purchase an access code online using a credit card. Students using MasteringPhysics must register for it during the first two days of the semester, otherwise you may miss quizzes or assignments.
  • However, for legal reasons, youíre not obliged to purchase MasteringPhysics. On day 1 of class, I will explain why using MasteringPhysics is a good idea. If you still donít want to purchase it, let me know ASAP, and I will explain the procedure for submitting written assignments and quizzes.
  • WLU can not accept responsibility for additional costs incurred by students who purchase their textbooks outside of the WLU bookstore.


 10 Assignments  25%
 Pre-Lecture Quizzes  10%
 Laboratory*  25%
 Midterm Exam**  15%
 Final Exam **  25%
 Smartphone Bonus  up to 3%

* PC141 students must pass the laboratory component (12.5/25) to pass the course.  If a student is repeating PC141 and achieved at least 70% on the lab component in a previous year, they may carry their old lab grade forward and skip the labs this time.  See the professor during the first week of class for details.
** Students must average at least 50% on the two exams in order to pass the course.  This average is weighted according to the table above (15/25 midterm/final).  This stipulation is waived if the student has an overall average of 75% or higher.