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December 10, 2016
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Attention Laboratory

Research Topic:
Research in the lab investigates how certain portions of the visual scene are selected for in-depth processing, while others are virtually discarded. We investigate selection by having observers perform a variety of tasks, including visual search, probe detection, change detection, and target identification.

Research Opportunities:
There are different ways to become involved in the lab. To find out about current opportunities, interested, dependable students are invited to send me: a resume, an unofficial transcript, and a cover letter describing why you would like to become involved in this research (plus your approximate #hours/week availability, and whether you are interested in volunteer positions and/or paid positions).

Lab Members:
Dr. Elizabeth Olds (Principal Investigator)

Lab alumni:
Tim Graham (Lab Manager; undergraduate RA):
Vision Research (in press) ;
Psychonomics 2009; VSS 2009 ; Psychonomics 2008 ; BBCS 2008 ; VSS 2008

Wafa Saoud (graduate student): VSS 2009;
Psychonomics 2009

Rebecca Shabaga (summer NSERC USRA student)

Emilie Moreau (undergraduate RA)

Miriam Foley (undergraduate RA)

Mandy Jordan (undergraduate RA)

Angela Weber (honours thesis student; lab manager):
BBCS2004 ; VSS2004 ; VSS2005

Lisa Gallina (honours thesis student)

Brian White (MA student)

Meghan McMurtry (honours thesis student): Olds & McMurtry Perception

Amanda Fockler (honours thesis student): Olds & Fockler Perception

Mark Degani (honours thesis student): Perception & Psychophysics ; VSS 2003 ; ARVO 2001

Ryan Punambolam (undergraduate RA): Vision Research ; ARVO 2001

Shelley Smilek (undergraduate RA)