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September 23, 2017
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“How is language and mathematics learned?”

“Why are language and mathematics development sometimes delayed?”

"When do any gender differences in math ability first appear?

“What are some effective teaching tools for parents and educators?


Questions such as these are central to the research conducted in the lab. We are always interested to hear from students who want to join in the quest of uncovering the mysteries behind the amazing human feat of language and mathematics acquisition. 


Contact Dr Lee ( or Dr. Kotsopoulos ( if you have any questions about work in the lab and/or are interested in becoming a:  

- prospective MA or PhD student in Developmental Psychology

- prospective undergraduate Honours Thesis (PS 499) or Directed Studies student (PS 490)

- undergraduate Research Assistant (volunteered or paid) 

Students interested in any of above positions must have strong academic qualifications and an excellent work ethic in order to be considered.