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December 7, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Completed Research

Manuscripts under review or in preparation

Lee, J., Kotsopoulos, D., Tumber, A.*, & Makosz, S.*  Gesturing about number sense.

Lee, J., & Schell, A+.  Gender differences in emergent mathematics: Perception vs. reality.

Kotsopoulos, D., Lee, J., & Heide, D. An analysis of math congress in an eighth grade classroom.

Kotsopoulos, D., & Lee, J. A naturalistic study of executive function and mathematical problem solving.

Kotsopoulos, D., & Lee, J. Raising LittleCountersTM.

Lee, J., Kotsopoulos, D., & Tumber, A*. Parental talk about numeracy.

Lee, J., Kotsopoulos, D., Makosz, S.*, & Tumber, A.*. The role of gesture in early numeracy development.

Lee, J. Re-examining the noun-verb asymmetry in early word learning: A bilingual approach.

Lee, J., Kotsopoulos, D., Tumber, A.*, & Maskoz, S.* I know my 1, 2, 3! Does number-word comprehension precede verbal production?

*denotes undergraduate student contribution;+denotes graduate student contribution