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September 26, 2016
Canadian Excellence


1999: Michael Poole

The information below is adapted from the news release issued in 1999

Romancing Mary Jane: A Year in the Life of a Failed Marijuana Grower by Michael Poole (GreyStone Books)  is the winner of the 1999 Edna Staebler Award for Creative Non-Fiction. The judges enjoyed the sheer competence of this book, its lyrical prose, its sense of pacing and the narrator's often wry commentary on himself.

Michael Poole embarked on his life of crime with the idea that he'd make a bundle, live like a lord and loll away the winters on tropical beaches. Things didn't work out quite that way.

Poole is an avid builder and paddler of canoes, fly fisher, a photographer and woodcarver. He is also an award-winning director with scores of films to his credit. His first book was Ragged Islands: A Journey by Canoe Through the Inside Passage (Douglas & McIntyre, 1991).

Click here for more information about Michael Poole on the Douglas & McIntyre Publishing Group website.

The shortlist for the 1999 Edna Staebler Award also included:

  • I Was a Teenage Katima Victim: A Canadian Odyssey by Will Ferguson (Douglas & McIntyre);
  • Too Many to Mourn: One Family's Tragedy in the Halifax Explosion by James Mahar and Rowena Mahar (Nimbus Publishing);
  • Charlevoix County: 1930 by Joni Smith (Penumbra Press).