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Wilfrid Laurier University University Secretariat
December 8, 2016
Canadian Excellence


1.1 Policy on University Policies & Procedures

2.1 Cyclical Review of Undergraduate and Graduate Academic Programs

2.2 Approval of New Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

2.3 Academic Accommodation of Students with Disabilities

2.5 Policy on Academic Disruption

2.7 Policy on Continuing Studies Certificate Programs

3.1 Telephone Services

3.2 Laurier Style Guide

3.3 Publication of Information via the World-Wide Web

3.4 Data Classification and Information Management

4.2 Surplus Disposal

4.3 Use of Office Space by External Agencies

4.4 Alcoholic Beverages

4.5 Building Hours

4.6 Bulletin Boards and Temporary Signs and Notices

4.7 Performance Facilities

4.8 Visitor Accommodation

4.9 Flags

4.10 Booking of University Space and Facilities

4.12 Key Control Policy

4.13 Sustainability Policy

4.14 Capital Priorities and Planning Process Policy

5.1 Business Expenses

5.2 Balance Budget

5.6 Selection of Financial Service Providers

5.7 Signing Authority Policy

5.9 Ethical Purchasing

5.10 Supply Chain Code of Ethics

5.11 Procurement and Tendering Policy

5.12 Investment Policy for University Funds

5.13 Retention of External Legal Counsel

5.14 Safe Disclosure

5.15 Merchant Card Use Policy

5.16 Risk Management Policy

6.1 Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination

7.1 Environmental/Occupational Health and Safety

7.2 Animals on Campus

7.3 Firearms and Offensive Weapons

7.4 Lost and Found

7.5 Roller Skates, In-line Skates and/or Segway Human Transporter in University Buildings

7.6 Severe Weather/Storm Closing

7.7 Radiation Protection

7.8 Smoking

7.9 Travel by Administrative Officers

7.11 Emergency Management

7.12 Open Flames on Campus

7.13 Contract Labour

7.14 Aboriginal Use of Traditional Medicines

7.15 Working Alone

7.16 Laboratory Health & Safety

7.17 Biosafety Manual

7.18 Workplace Violence Prevention Policy

7.19 Unmanned Air Vehicle Use Policy

8.1 Conflict of Interest Policy

8.2 Ethics Approval for Administrative Research Projects Using Human Subjects

8.3 Conferring Emeritus Status on Retired Faculty and Professional Librarians

8.4 Employment Equity

8.5 Part-time Teaching by Staff Members

8.7 Employment Accommodation Policy

8.8 Tuition Reimbursement Policy

8.9 Senior Executive Performance Assessment System

8.10 Accessible Service Policy for Persons with Disabilities

8.11 Guidelines for Awarding Course Remissions to Faculty Appointed to External Scholarly/Research Committees

8.12 Adjunct Faculty Policy

8.13 Volunteer Policy

9.1 Use of Information Technology

9.2 Principles: Selection, Implementation, and Application of Information Technologies & Services

9.3 Classroom Use of Electronic Devices

9.4 Information Security Policy Statement (9.4)

10.1 Information Availability and Privacy Protection

10.2 Student Records

10.3 Responsible Use of Video Surveillance

11.1 Research Centres, Establishment, Operation, and Review of

11.2 Contract Research

11.3 Ownership of Student-Created Intellectual Property

11.4 Equipment and Materials Purchased through Grants and Contracts

11.5 Use of Animals in Research, Testing and Teaching

11.6 Financial Administration of Research Awards and Contracts

11.7 Financial Administration of Research-Related Fund Accounts

11.8 Signing of the External Grant & Contract Cover Sheet

11.9 Policy on Postdoctoral Fellowships

11.10 Research Involving Biohazardous and Radioactive Materials

11.11 Establishment and Recognition of Research Collaborations other than Centres and Institutes

11.12 Indirect Costs of Research Policy

11.13 Ethics Review of Research Involving Humans

11.14 Policy for the Responsible Conduct of Research

12.1 Posthumous Degrees

12.2 Student Code of Conduct and Discipline

12.3 Non-Academic Student Code of Conduct

12.4 Gendered & Sexual Violence Policy & Procedures

13.1 Use of the Wilfrid Laurier University Name and Marks

13.3 Advertising and Sponsorship

13.4 Endowment Policy (Revoked November 25, 2016)

13.5 Naming of University Assets

13.6 Gift Acceptance Policy

13.7 Policy for Ethical Fundraising Practices

14.1 Confidentiality Policy for Members of the Board of Governors

14.2 Conflict of Interest Policy for Members of the Board of Governors

14.3 Election of Administrative Staff to the Board of Governors