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October 26, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Poster Awards - 2013

We thank all student participants for a great display of their research on World Water Day 2013. Congratulations to the students listed below as they were awarded the top poster prizes for each category.

Hydrological and Atmospheric Sciences (Sponsored by AquaResource Inc.)

Kim Van Meter - University of Waterloo (Monsoon Harvests: Assessing the Impact of Distributed Storage Tanks on the Vulnerability of Subsistence-Level Agriculture, Tamil Nadu, India)

Water Treatment and Technology

Carolyn Chan - University of Guelph (Constructed Wetland for Domestic Greywater Use)

Water Policy, Governance and Management (Sponsored by Stantec Consulting Inc.)

Marie-Clare Brisbois - University of Waterloo (Collaborative Water Governance, Natural Resource Industries and Influence: Assessing the Value of Collaboration When Significant Power Imbalances Exist)

Aquatic Ecology & Toxicology

Phillip Pham-Ho - Wilfrid Laurier University (Mechanisms of Brain Swelling in Rainbow Trout and Ammonia Tolerant Goldfish)

Cold Regions Research

Jacqueline Ho - University of Waterloo (The Lag Effects of Wildfire on Sediment-Associated Metal Toxicity and Bioaccumulation in the Crowsnest River, Alberta)